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Free sample essay on Piracy and anti-piracy

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❶Programmers are paid to make software and people are just stealing the money they make.

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Online Piracy is Bad
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You can write a piracy essay to support this statement. Music piracy essay is one of the most common piracy essays. When it comes to a piracy essay on music it can only refer to 3 particular kinds activities that are illegal. The 3 topics are counterfeiting, Pirate records and id bootlegging that render a good read in a piracy essay.

Software piracy essay also is a good topic for a piracy essay. Software piracy is a worldwide problem that remains unresolved even to date and there is so much one can write about in a piracy essay. This alone results in loss of millions of dollars in lost revenue.

You have a bunch of things to say, but your essay as a whole never comes together to coherently do whatever it is you intended it to do. With social-media mogul sites such as Facebook and Twitter, information now trends flows more freely than ever. In a commerce driven capitalistic economy, the intrinsic motivation of major entertainment firms today is profit and growth, which fuels expansion and in turn, creates , creating more profit and growth.

Utilizing a variety of strategies Attempts to regulate control of internet usage has only stalled the widespread usage of copyright -ed materials. With the unstable macro economic climate in the Euro Zone as it teeters on the brink of collapse Europe and the United States budget spiraling trillions of dollars out of control, online P p iracy is an outlet that provides a low cost altrication that's not a word?

Although these numbers may appear intimidating, the war of attrition against piracy can ultimately be accommodated towards that doesn't make sense the end game goal of entertainment firms; to make money. Internet Freedom Day also commemorates and Aaron Swartz, a 26 year old programmer who played a pivotal role in mobilizing the anti-SOPA movement, including support from internet titans such as Google and Wikipedia.

In Sweden, a digital data advocate most notable from for the creation of The Pirate Bay, a man is being sued by Sony for leaking Beyonce's album before it's its commercial release date. As internet freedom fighters clash with media mogul giants moguls or giants, not both across the world, one thing is certain; the war on piracy is far from over. As much as this is a battle over copyright infringement, this is an even the bigger battle is between freedom of the internet and regulation of internet content found on the internet.

The remaining period rest of the decade will lay the groundwork towards what is and what is not enforceable through the internet, one of the most technological innovations ever created. The narrative of this essay went everywhere from company to their profits, to throwing out data that has no place or relevance to its context, a paragraph about anti-piracy legislation that turned out to be a small yet excessive biography of of Aaron Swartz, and suddenly you end with "As internet freedom fighters clash with media mogul giants across the world, one thing is certain; the war on piracy is far from over.

It was just all over the place with a lot of meaningless information. Also, I wouldn't say this is a counter to the anti-piracy WSJ article. In fact, you're basically preaching to the same audience stating that while piracy does suck the money out of companies that are meant to make money in the first place , these companies make a lot of money to begin such that media companies shouldn't be concerned about piracy. How do i get rid of unnesecary wording and how can i organize my essay better?

Whenever I write a paper, I tend to get side tracked and I end up bouncing from one topic to another because there is always more that I want to write about, but as a result i just get a brick of text edit: I also don't consider this a counter to the WSJ anti-piracy article. I wasn't trying to refute it. You still seem to have gotten the bottom line that the companies make enough money anyways so that they shouldn't be qqing about piracy for example, a front page article about anti-piracy in WSJ , that's where I was trying to head with it I guess.

One of the biggest problems is that you don't seem to have a question or goal in mind with the essay. Try to formulate some sort of question in the beginning of your essay. Clearly ground the question with valid arguments as to what the question is, describing it in a specific way giving it a clear scope and definition and why it would be important to discuss it and finish the essay with answering the question with the help of the actual content.

If you do this your essay would feel more congruent and aimed than what it is now since you would have no reason to go beyond the scope of the question you want to have answered. To eliminate unnecessary wording, read your writing out loud. If it sounds embarrassing and long winded, you know where the problems are.

I will make the edits and changes tomorrow and post a revised version: Did you write every single sentence with a thesaurus in your hand? You want people to focus on your ideas, not the words that your ideas are stumbling over. Clarity and simplicity are necessary if you actually want your ideas comprehended.

If your ideas are really shallow and not worth hearing, that is when you want to obfuscate things with fancy terminology. But it would be better to clarify the notions you want to get across.

On March 07 I think you have the basis for a good essay here. You need to tighten up your grammar and correct a bunch of vocabulary mistakes. And you need to reorganize your ideas a bit. It sounds to me like you haven't quite figured out what you're trying to say. One guy suggested an outline, so let me draft one up for you: But you finish off with what I've labeled 6 which is a pretty wishy-washy point. Why don't you modify your outline to make a more meaningful argument?

Once you have an outline like this it's fairly easy to add another concept that you think will fit in well. And it's also easy to change around the order of your points to put them in a more logical order. For example, you might say it would make more sense to put 7 , 8 , and 9 immediately after 4. It's a lot easier to change around the order of your ideas in an outline than it is once you're written everything out in paragraph form. Best of all, once you have a good outline, the essay will practically write itself.

I've found that when I'm writing something the hard part is figuring out what I want to say. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to say, the actual writing becomes a piece of cake. In India too, the increasing threat posed by piracy caused significant concerns since most of its shipping trade routes pass through the Gulf of Aden. The Indian Navy deployed a warship in the region on 23 October At India's request, the government of Somalia added India to its list of states, including the US and France, who are permitted to enter its territorial waters, extending up to 12 nautical miles 22 km or 14 mi from the coastline, in an effort to check piracy.

Russia and China have also joined international efforts to combat piracy. Russia chose to send more warships to combat piracy near Somalia, following the International Maritime Bureau terming the menace as having gone 'out of control'. A team of 16 Chinese Special Forces members from its Marine Corps armed with attack helicopters were on board. It can be said that the military response to pirate attacks has brought about a rare show of unity by countries that are either openly hostile to each other, or at least wary of cooperation, military or otherwise.

European naval vessels have operated against piracy either independently, or as part of CTF As a result of increased piracy, the European Union EU has established Operation Atalanta, to co-ordinate the European naval response to piracy and to maintain international law in international waters in the region.

Bulgaria too joined the anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden by sending a frigate with a crew of sailors. In a highly unusual move, even Japan sent a naval task force to join international efforts to stop piracy of the coast of Somalia.

The deployment was highly unusual, as Japan's non-aggressive Constitution specifies Japanese military forces can only be used for defensive purposes.

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- Piracy in Somalia has come about due to years of internal fighting and weakened government. With the overthrow of the president in , Somalia has been a complete anarchy with only the laws of rival clans who have been in power. In this essay they examine a group of college students from a Southern University to determine their.

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If your teacher wants you to prepare an essay about piracy let him know you're the best in this field. With help of this essay you'll excel in this theme.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Piracy of Technology The topic that I chose for my website and thesis project is piracy of software, music, and video from the. Piracy is the biggest problem faced today by the media industry. A piracy essay is quite popular given the widespread issue of piracy. What is a piracy essay? Piracy is nothing but the use of unauthorised duplication by common people to earn a profit. Piracy essay is written about the act of duplicating an original.

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I was inspired to write an essay on internet piracy after I read a negatively connotative article about internet piracy in the Wall Street Journal. Online Piracy often occurs because people don’t have the kind of money to pay for things they want or need. Adobe Photoshop is the most pirated software on the internet, usually costing $1, Music is another big thing that is pirated.