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❶The chickens have been genetically altered to become fatter. Not only are factory farms harming the defenseless animals, it is harming the environment as well.

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The FDA allows cattle blood, brains, spinal cords of cattle not older than 30 months of age, restaurant waste, and used poultry litter to serve as protein for factory animals Pluhar, Evelyn. These factories are allowed to feed cattle other cattle, which can be forced cannibalism. Not only is feeding cattle spinal cords of other cattle morally wrong, but it is also dangerous because it is risking the spreading of mad cow disease.

The FDA justifies this by noting that cattle 30 months old or younger are less likely to harbor mad cow disease, but it is possible for younger cows to still be infected, and it is possible for the disease to be spread through what is still allowed by the FDA in cattle feed Pluhar, Evelyn.

Now, consider the psychological strains factory farming might cause. Our society has determined that animals have feelings as well as humans —assuming this based on the federal and city laws that exist protecting animal rights. Animals are being chained, confined, neglected, and brutalized in industrialized factory farms; if this was happening to one of our dogs or cats the society would literally go ballistic. These imprisoned animals experience a wide range of psychological disorders as a result of their horrible living conditions Bauston, Gene.

Surprisingly, the animals are not the only ones who suffer psychologically. The unhealthy, dirty, and depressing environment the employees work in must affect them greatly, eventually affecting not only their work environment but also their personal life. After soaking in all of this depressing information about factory farm life, on might wonder what it would be like without it. Eliminating factory farms would greatly benefit the environment, the life of farm animals, and the people.

Many people do not realize that amount of greenhouse gases that factory farms put into the air they breathe.

Ridding of factory farms would eliminate a substantial about of greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere. Smaller, more numerous family farms that practice substantial agriculture and humanely raise the animals they market for food would impose much less of a burden on the environment Pluhar, Evelyn. Not only would these changes benefit our environment, but also our health.

Animals raised in less stressful conditions would shed fewer pathogens; they would not be pumped with hormones and unnecessary doses of antibiotics; their feed would not be contaminated with cattle parts and poultry litter Pluhar, Evelyn. Although, animals will still be getting slaughtered and eaten, but family farms with cleaner, more humane conditions would provide a better live for the animals, and they would suffer much less.

Factory farm animals live brutal, painful lives. Routinely they are given antibiotics, in order to help them grow quicker in small living conditions. Infections can also be given because of antibiotics, which puts Americans at risk everyday because of overuse Paragraph People could be getting sick because of the foods their eating everyday without even knowing it.

In no way, shape or form is that fair to an innocent animal. All of the various drugs and chemicals are harming the animals and humans that it touches. If the government truly cared about societies health, they would try to stop unsanitary and unhealthy conditions such as this. In , a situation just as similar to this had risen with the meat packing industry. Because of this book, society started to change severely. The issue of the unsanitary and unfair working conditions got to the president and he knew he had to make a change.

This banned packers from using unhealthy dyes, chemical preservatives and adulterants. Obama already started trying to fix these problems by undertaking a push beginning in to strengthen antitrust of the meat industry. Kristof, Nicholas, Paragraph 4. I still believe that overtime they could find better products to give the animals that are safer and healthier for both them to live a little longer, and us to be healthier.

Personally, I believe that if people including myself start to buy more healthier, organic foods, and less meat, producers will start to realize that maybe people are seeing the truth. Over time, hopefully factory farms die out and there will be a better system to produce our foods. Analysis of Sources Form Give the following information for each source that you use in your research paper.

Name of Author Jessica Leader. Date of publication March 17, Where did you find the source? Type of Source Is your source a book, magazine, newspaper, journal, etc? The source is an online article from a newspaper. Credentials of the author: How long has the publisher been in business? What other publications does the publisher publish? Also if we go green we reduce the unwanted chemicals and drugs in are food or in are bodies.

It also helps stop global warming. Can we still eat meat and not humanely factory farm or not factory farm at all? Well according to an online site it says; we can produce enough food for everyone without factory farming. It also states that we can eat meat several times a week whilst feeding the world using planet friendly and humane farming methods.

Plus, according to this site by the global population would be over nine billion people, the researchers found that a diet equivalent to eating meat three times a day would allow forests to remain untouched and animals to be farmed in free-range conditions and greener farming methods would be used.

But if we feed the world in a planet-friendly way means there will be little room for bio-fuel crops for cars. But, forty million represents less than two days toll in Americas slaughter houses, which kill about ten billion animals each year. Cattle are driven into knock box or restrainer. Animal receives a blow to the head from a captive bolt device. Is shackled hoisted and stuck. They are skinned head and legs removed. It is cut in half.

That in Korea has the added dimension of huge intensive dog farming industry, one that is essentially lawless, and on a lesser scale, it also has a bear farming industry.

Also around the world and in Korea, modern and intensive farming methods mean that most animals live their whole life imprisoned in small spaces and suffer under appalling conditions. Just for the sakes of human stomachs, billions of animals yearly endure tortures before being slaughtered.

In fact over 53 billion animals and birds are tortured and slaughtered around the world in farming operations. In conclusion of the facts I think that we should be nicer and gentle with the animals we eat. We also need to cut down on drugs and toxins used to clean and purify the meat. If we do this we can still keep the jobs and eat meat at the same. We should all learn form are mistakes and try to see if we can make the world better for both animals and people.

I hope you make the choice. I really appreciate your article. For more information check out MeatVideo. It's a short yet informative video.

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Joey Ortega Factory Farming: Americas Greatest Mistake Factory farming by definition is the practice of raising livestock in confinement at high stocking density. Animals are born within the farm which is typically a warehouse, and they may never see the light of .

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Factory Farming Abstract Factory farming is the mass production of pigs, chickens, turkeys, and cows to be slaughtered and made into food. Many activists and organizations have attempted to reduce the problem of factory farming, but . Factory Farming, It Needs to Change Essay Words | 8 Pages. Factory Farming, It Needs to Change! Factory farming is the process of “employing abusive practices that maximize agribusiness profits at the expense of the environment, our communities, animal welfare, and even our health” (Factory Farming).

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Factory farming according to Webster’s Dictionary is a farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost.  Factory Farming Is A Good Thing Factory Farming Is A Good Thing The term “factory farming” sends shivers down one spine and creates a buzz that stirs up emotions of anger and sadness. The general public is led to believe that factory farming is the work of Satan.