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How to Quote in a Research Paper

Using Quotations in Research Papers

❶Uploaded by david taylorthree simple tips. When paraphrasing quotes, change at least 50 percent of the sentence, use a thesaurus for help, make sure you understand the content and avoid looking at the quote.

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Retrieved August 3, from World Affairs website: The same format is used for listing the author and publication date that would be used for a website or print publication.

The title of the article will then appear in lower case lettering. The publication, issue, and page numbers will be listed next using italics and lower case lettering. The date of retrieval will then be listed followed by the URL. The use of alliteration in short stories by American writers. American literary studies, 4, Retrieved April 4, from URL. An email reference does not need to be included in a general reference list as emails are a form of private communication and not a matter of public record.

However, an email source should be included as an in-text citation in the paper. The leading scientist on the research team indicated he was not satisfied with the research process James Vyas, personal communication, August 8, National Institute of Drug Abuse. Effects of hallucinogenic drug use among adolescents and young adults Department of Health and Human Services Publications No.

In The new encyclopedia brittanica Vol. Is there a social utility to delinquency? Journal of Sociological Studies 23, 2, The APA style does not encourage the frequent or extensive use of footnotes or endnotes when writing an academic paper. These should be used only when necessary for explanatory purposes, such as the clarification of bibliographical references or the inclusion of extraneous but relevant information. On anthropological studies of the ancient Hindus Valley civilization, see Rubenstein pp.

For comparable studies of the Macedonian civilization, see Perdue Simons discussed his theories more extensively in an interview with Time magazine Nichols, , pp. The proper method of formatting footnotes in APA is to provide a textual indication of the footnote using ordinary numbers in superscript form. The footnotes are then listed on a separate page from the body of the text.

This page should be headlined simply as Footnotes with the heading appearing at the top of the page in the center. The notes on this page should likewise be identified with the use of ordinary numbers in superscript form. The notes should also be double-spaced.

Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. Go to Homepage current My Account my. It is true that when you write your paraphrase, you should not look at the quote. Keep the meaning in your head and create a new sentence to match. Still, there are other things to keep in mind when paraphrasing quotes. Click on another answer to find the right one Paraphrasing is when you use a sentence from a source but change the wording slightly into your own words.

When paraphrasing quotes, change at least 50 percent of the sentence, use a thesaurus for help, make sure you understand the content and avoid looking at the quote. However, even while paraphrasing, make sure you cite your source properly! Read on for another quiz question. This is when you use ellipses Ellipses can be used before, after, or in the center of a quote.

Use them to out words that you feel add unnecessary length to the statement without adding value. You can include brackets in a quote to give a few words, typically the name of a person or place, to help the reader understand the context. Include brackets only when it is absolutely necessary for the reader to understand the quote. Direct quotes only need quotation marks. When using a direct quote, it is imperative that you copy it word for word.

Include all spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well, even if they are incorrect. If there is an exclamation point or question mark inside your quote, keep it inside the quotation marks.

Most quotes use the author's last name or a combination of the first and last name. Typically, in the Chicago style, you'd place the author's full name, the title of the source, publisher, and the page numbers in a footnote. This is how you'd quote a source in MLA format.

You can include the author's last name and the page number together in a parenthetical citation, or you can mention one in your writing and the other in a parenthetical citation. This is APA format. The author's last name and year must be included together in the parentheses, or you can mention the name of the author in your writing and put just the year in parentheses afterwards. To cite a quotation in your paper using the Chicago style of formatting, add a footnote number immediately after the ending quotation mark not inside the quotes.

Pair with a matching citation at the bottom of the page. Use a "Works Cited" page at the end of the paper to list full publishing information on each quoted source. You need a "Works Cited" page that provides additional information for each source. It may be helpful to add sources to this page as you use them in your text so you don't accidentally miss one!

It is not enough to just cite the source within the text; you also need to include it on the "Works Cited" page. The information on this page typically includes the author, title, publisher, and publishing date. Featured Articles Research Papers. Citaten vermelden in een onderzoeksverslag.

Quote Help Sample Short Quotes. Understand how to use dropped quotes. Dropped quotes are partial phrases taken from the middle of a piece of text. Dropped quotes are comprised of only a few words and give no information about the speaker. These must always be introduced within a sentence, and cannot comprise a complete sentence on their own.

Use a complete sentence to incorporate a dropped quote. Use a short phrase to incorporate a dropped quote: Understand how to use full sentence quotes. As the name implies, full sentence quotes are created by quoting complete sentences that take up less than 4 lines. Although these are complete sentences, they cannot be used as stand-alone sentences in your paper. Introduce them with an additional complete sentence or a signal phrase.

Use a complete sentence to introduce a full sentence quote. Use a signal phrase to introduce your full sentence quote. Understand how to use block quotes. Block quotes are multiple sentences quoted directly from a source which take up more than 4 lines in your paper, or no more than 3 if you are quoting verse.

Incorporate a block quote by adding a complete line space between your own content and the quote, and offsetting it by indenting the entire quote to the right a single time. Introduce your block quote with a colon. Block quotes do not use quotation marks. Add the in-text parenthetical citation after the period at the end of the quote, though. Simply add another line break and begin writing along the left margin with no indent. Understand how to use indirect quotes.

Indirect quoting, or paraphrasing, is when you use a sentence from a source but change the wording slightly into your own words. Change the structure of the sentence by moving clauses around.

Aim to change at least half of the sentence into a new structure, but also make sure that the grammar is correct and the meaning of the sentence is still clear. You can use a thesaurus to exchange words with synonyms.

Paraphrasing should only be done if you are certain that you understand the content you are copying. Method 1 Quiz What should you do when paraphrasing quotes? Change at least 50 percent of the sentence. Use a thesaurus to replace words with synonyms.

Understand the content you want to paraphrase. Don't look at the quote while paraphrasing. There is a strong suspicion that the devil is an extension of the story makers while God is the supposedly impregnable white masters…. In this statement, Hurston suggests that African-American storytellers identify strongly with the trickster figure. It is this identification that helped keep the idea of pride and rebellion alive during the hardships of slavery. Both methods attribute the ideas to the author in the first sentence.

This may sound complicated but the idea is simple. Consider the following summary. Using Quotes in a Research Paper. Why Use Sources at All? Direct Quotations What is a direct quote? Block Quotations What is a block quote? In explaining folkloric representations of the devil, Hurston emphasizes that …he is not the terror that he is in European folklore. Robertson argues that Elizabeth I is an unrecognized military genius. Although she is often portrayed herself as the queen-mother figure, she was also viewed as the king.

This is accentuated by her appearance at the defeat of the Spanish Armada, when she dressed in completely in masculine clothing

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Save direct quotations for brilliant comments, controversial statements, certain statistics, and personal testimony that you believe will strengthen your argument. If a quotation is long, or if you can say it better or more concisely, paraphrase it (restate it in your own words). Remember, you must indicate a source even when paraphrasing.

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Writers use quotes for several reasons: to assert facts; as a voice that adds authority or color to an assertion being made; and most importantly, to avoid plagiarism. Below are three different quotation formats and guidelines to follow when using them.

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Step 12 Research Paper Quotes and Citations (MLA) The APA style is the method for formatting a paper, including quotations, and citing sources, that has been provided and recognized by the American Psychological Association. APA is the style that is normally used is a variety of social sciences and humanities fields, such as psychology and sociology. Quotations play a vital role in your research paper. But knowing how to use quotes appropriately is almost as important as using them in the first place. An incorrectly placed quote or too many quotes at once can lessen the impact.

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Using Quotations in Research Papers The use, then, of words, is to be sensible marks of ideas; and the ideas they stand for are their proper and immediate signification. INTEGRATING QUOTES AND PARAPHRASES IN RESEARCH PAPERS. If you lack personal experience in a subject, you will turn to sources to learn what you need to.