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How to Write a Film Studies Essay

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❶East asian screen industries.

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However, one needs to know when it is essential for him or her to abandon prejudice in favor of trying to understand and even help an individual. Living in an environment dominated by a single racial group made it possible for me to develop particular thinking concerning people belonging to other racial groups. However, I gradually learnt that one needs to judge people on account…… [Read More].

I choose character, event, idea effects. Coach Carter is an extremely inspiration film about a real life high school basketball coach who unabashedly values education over winning. This coach, Ken Carter, places his priorities in a highly unpopular way in the surrounding community of the Richmond High School Oilers -- most community members believe that success on the basketball court and a career in the National Basketball Association are the only chances for success for these young men. This central conflict is played out throughout this film based on an event which causes a number of highly influential effects.

The primary cause of most of the dram in the film is Carter's decision to have the players sign a contract in which they must maintain a 2. The crucial effects of this event include the…… [Read More].

Popular Film Cultures Have Propelled Civil and Social Rights Culture is referred as shared interaction, patterns, cognitive constructs, behaviors as well as effective understanding learned through socialization and transferred from one generation to the other. In the United States and outside the United States, films have become a powerful tool to transmit cultures.

In , there were more than 6. For example, many people across the world are imitating American culture by watching their movies. Moreover, films have become a powerful tool for propelling civil and social rights. Civil rights movements protect people from…… [Read More].

Film Distinctions in America and Arabia. Politics in the Cinemas of Hollywood and the Arab World, builds upon the previous two chapters of this book. Those ways predominantly relate to the thematic issues the author explores in this manuscript. As established in the initial two chapters, a comparison between how Arabs are portrayed in Arabian films and in Hollywood films is scrutinized in the third chapter.

However, the author also explores the core ways in which films are differentiated between Arabia and Hollywood. Both of these thematic issues are analyzed again in the third chapter of this work since they are the general motifs of this book.

However, the author contextualizes these themes in the third chapter with a focus on films that portray some of the most salient conflicts…… [Read More]. Studying the Effects of Handwriting on Composition. Handwriting Skills on Compositional Quality What is the background and context of your project? Is there a 'problem' you want to find out more about or a potential solution that you want to explore?

Is there a gap in the literature or earlier research that you want to build on or extend? What is your aim? Why do you want to investigate this topic? What is the justification for researching this issue? Include a small number of in-text references in this section as well as a corresponding list of complete references in Section 8 using a consistent format e. I teach English in class 2 and 3 which comprises of a comprehensive book, a workbook and a writing practice book.

While teaching I observed that most of the kids in class 3 had quite bad handwriting, although they had been practising from class 1 onwards. Film Sarah and James by Nikowa Namate. This essay will offer a nuanced and thorough analysis of my role in the filmmaking experience.

In Sarah and James, I played the role of James, one of the title characters. As the title of the film suggests, though, James is not the only protagonist. The interplay between James and his sister Sarah is the foundation of the film, which addresses the way mental illness impacts intimate relationships. Moreover, I was in charge of lighting during the production of Sarah and James and will discuss elements related to lighting during the production of the film.

This essay will hinge on the application of realism, naturalism, Freudian theory, and queer theory to my experience…… [Read More]. Movie Theaters Needing to Evolve. Indeed, what used to be done exclusively or mainly in theaters and such is now something people do at home more and more.

The emergence and advancement of streaming and video rentals of superior form have changed the movie theater industry, and mostly for the worst. There have been aberrations here and there. Even so, the state of affairs in the industry can and should be looked at through the prism of Porter's Five Forces and that is precisely what shall be done as part of this case study. While there is still a niche for the traditional movie theater fare, the movie industry will have to evolve just like the movie rental industry did, and for very similar reasons.

Threat of New Entrants…… [Read More]. While many educators only have the opportunity to view a gifted child in the classroom setting, the movie allows the viewer to see the entire world of the child.

This movie provides a solid foundation for realizing that a gifted child is still a child. Intellectual giftedness must be addressed but not by busy work or by treating the child as an adult simply because of their thought processes. The film provides a backdrop for understanding the social, emotional and cognitive needs of a highly gifted student. Fred is an eight-year-old gifted student with a single mother raising him alone. The entire movie revolves around all adults involved finding their footing in this boy's life.

Teachers and parents of gifted children are often faced with the dilemma of challenging the child's mind, while allowing…… [Read More]. This could be true; however, not necessarily the reality on the ground. Additionally, there are different types of leaders depending on their leading requirements and personal attributes. There are dictatorial leaders, directing and commanding leaders, as well as, serving leaders.

In description, servant-leadership is leadership, which is a way of being in relationship with others. It seeks to involve and incorporate the followers or employees at all levels in decision-making, strongly adhering to ethical and caring behavior, hence enhances the individual growth of all followers or workers and their performance in the work place.

As a young man, President George Washington exhibited admiration of rules and wanted to be a gentle man, this is…… [Read More].

Movie Different but Equal Different. The ideology of race only came to justify the existence of slavery after all 'equal' men were said to have inherent rights. Until then, virtually all peoples of the world had been enslaved at one point or another, even before the existence of 'races,' and inferiority as a category could be applied to the poor, to despised ethnicities like the Irish, or even to despised members of other tribes in Africa. The Power of an Illusion. A Voyage of Discovery with Basil Davidson.

Reprinted on Race: Movie Presentation Keeping the Faith Presentation Outline "Keeping the Faith" is a comedy movie that shows relationship between love, friendship and faith. The writer Stuart Blumberg and director Edward Norton have presented a story of three friends who belong to different faiths but fall in love due to close friendship. The two central characters of this comedy drama are the rabbi and priest Frederic and Brussat, namely Jake and Brian.

Jake is a "Jew" and Brian is a "oman Catholic. Anna is their childhood neighbor and junior school friend who meets them after several years. In these two…… [Read More]. Film Critique Do the Right Thing. Spike Lee demonstrates his filmmaking prowess in his film Do the Right Thing. As with most of Lee's work, race relations are central to the story. With Do the Right Thing, Lee presents a bleak view of the nature and future of cross-cultural relationships in urban America.

Mookie played by Spike Lee is a twenty-something African-American pizza delivery man. He works for Sal's Pizzeria, an establishment in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, which is a predominantly black neighborhood. Mookie and Sal, despite their differences, reveal a remarkably similar worldview as the film progresses, and especially in their inability to resolve the racial tension that emerges in the film.

Mookie and Sal develop a decent professional relationship, yet both retain lingering feelings of resentment toward the "other. Prince Theme The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli, is a practical handbook of political advice for leaders.

Its primary purpose is to explain the best ways to obtain and keep political power. The essence of Machiavelli's philosophy is that when it comes to gaining and maintaining power, "the ends justify the means" This is the theme throughout the book.

Machiavelli analyzes both contemporary and historical examples of rulers, power, and strategy to support his contentions. He begins with an overview of various forms of government and how they might be best manipulated and ruled by a prince. Mixed monarchies serve a new leader's purposes best because they have no remaining hereditary families to oppose a new prince Machiavelli then discusses how to rule newly acquired lands. The best way for a prince to consolidate power in a new territory often depends on how the territory was acquired.

Machiavelli looks…… [Read More]. Film Analysis of a League of Their Own. For the very first time in baseball history, young females from urban softball and farm leagues across America were sought for playing professional baseball. The league was fairly short-lived, partly due to a return of the men following the war's culmination and subsequent re-establishment of ML; as a result, the AAGPL's popularity dropped.

The dozen years for which the league operated left its mark on sports history, since it offered female athletes a chance to professionally pursue baseball and make much more money than factory workers. How does the film relate to what you read about the early history of sport Module 3: Studies and Videos on Physical Attractiveness. In the study depicted in the video, eight out of evey ten paticipants in the study pefeed the symmetical face of eithe the man o the woman. The eseache believes that the esponses to symmety ae lagely subconscious, and that they ae elated to physical and genetic health because of the fact that symmety is detemined in the womb.

In Is you Face Attactive? It is suggested that the diff in face pefeence is caused by sex homones. The eseache uses softwae that scans with an eye tacke to see whee the peson is looking at the images and fo how long at each spot. The eseache found that thee is a pat of the bain that is activated when looking at the human body in paticula, and…… [Read More].

Karmen Gei Senegalese Film Review. Approximate time code beg. As a musical sequence, it sets the tone for the film and introduces the audience to the main character and the overarching themes including sexuality and the cultural constraints upon women of color. The dancer seduces a female prison guard into dancing, and when that happens, the entire group of women express their joy through their bodies. This scene is critical…… [Read More].

Film plays an important role in all of our lives; it would be nearly impossible to find a person who has not been affected in some way by a movie.

Because filmmaking is a multimedia endeavor, involving costume design, sound and lighting, music, skillful writing, graphic art, and performance art, considering filmmaking as a whole encourages appreciation of all that goes into just a few minutes of reel.

When I consider Tarantino films, for example, I think about how the filmmaker places the music front and center in Pulp Fiction. The soundtrack to that movie is as memorable as the characters. I also appreciate how filmmakers like Tarantino…… [Read More]. Setting of This Classic Film.

Like other symbols of the civil rights movement such as the song "We shall overcome" and peaceful sit-ins, to Kill a Mockingbird quickly assumed a similar position. As the focus of the movie was on right and wrong, the director of this film, obert Mulligan, provided the American movie viewing public with a strong lesson in justice but he was also able, largely through the character of Atticus Finch, to demonstrate that humanity can still prevail even under difficult circumstances.

Mulligan could have soften the message and still have captured the essence of the book upon which the movie was based but, instead, Mulligan made a deliberate statement in the way that he portrayed the characters in the story and how the movie told the story. He took on the ways of the American South where the beliefs of men, despite their moral depravity, ruled their actions instead of the…… [Read More].

Nationalism in Movies Film as. Effectively, then, the insurgency is leftist, and in the cases of these films, the left wins, either by proxy or by morality and the world is once again a better place. Film Theory and Criticism. Hollywood Looks at U. University of Minnesota Press. The Epic in Film: From Myth to Blockbuster. Academic Film Review of Django Unchained. Django Unchained As a screenwriter and filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino has long been considered the ultimate auteur. His style and content are uniquely his own and are marked by edgy, graphic content along with fast, memorable dialogue.

There is a rapt attention paid to pop culture and popular slang that all of Tarantino's films bear, and of late his films have paid attention to dark historical events. Inglourious Basterds focused on World War II and the multiple forms of carnage that this event encompassed. Django Unchained marks yet another foray of Tarantino into one of America's blackest historical marks: Like Basterds, Tarantino puts his unique stamp on this dreary historical subject by couching it from a unique and meaningful perspective: This is strongly evocative of the…… [Read More].

Strategic Case Study Sony Is. Corporate Level Strategy Corporate level strategy is the decisions made at the corporate level that can affect the operations of the entire company.

Typically, decisions related to the selection of new businesses, mergers, business environment and competition are corporate level strategies. These strategies will have a reach across the entire company. The aim is to improve the overall profitability of the company and tap any possible future niche besides tackling competition.

Creating a competitive advantage is also a part of corporate level strategy. Its working and implementation has been explained by Watson and Wooldridge ; p. It might thus appear that, although these business unit managers may be formulators of business strategy, they are implementers of corporate strategy.

Breakfast Club The film the Breakfast Club that was a hit nearly 30 years ago, has provided a useful source of information for the study of media, movie and sociology. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the diversity issues related to present day society that are found within this film. The essay will then discuss the potential impact that these issues may have on society. Diversity Issues There is no doubt, that society has changed tremendously in the years since the production and screening of the film The Breakfast Club.

The theme of this movie revolves around 5 teenage high school students who have found themselves the target of a mean educator who had decided to punish them with an 8-hour detention session taking place on a Saturday.

The 5 students, all white, find themselves throughout the film realizing their connection with one another and that the supposed…… [Read More]. Imax Case Study Imax's General. This de-institutionalization of the company will help bring the IMAX experience to new movie goers. To further broaden their appeal, IMAX has diversified their movies as well. IMAX's second part of their business strategy centers on bringing more Hollywood movies to their large format screens.

Whether it be remastering previously released films or simultaneously new films, IMAX has worked hard to expand their audience from those who typically enjoyed the unique IMAX documentary films that started the company. These 3-D films are also a part of the company's current business strategy.

Technological development to improve movie goers' experience as well as differentiate their product from other traditional theaters is a primary focus of IMAX's business strategy. The company has committed both financial…… [Read More]. Cinema Studies Book Reviews Monaco.

Moeove, this aspect of the text investigates the 'language' of film in a way that causes us to appeciate the fom's singulaity. Such is to say that in this investigation of the sueal and cultually distubing elements which have invaded film in spiitually sick societies, we ae given a pofound undestanding of exactly why one might choose film as a way to fomulate a language that is othewise absent of platfom and inexpessible.

By contast, such essays ae steeped in lengthy and pedantic examinations such as that povided by Ande Bazin and entitled "The Ontology of Photogaphic Image.

Angles, objects and the aangement of inteactants all ae efeenced, accodingly to Bazin, as cucial phases in the message communicated. This is a useful…… [Read More]. Wrong in Catwoman The Movie. Hally Berry gave her performance closely an unbearable as the one she gave accepting her Oscar award, assumes the role of Patience Philips, a graphic artist for a cosmetics company managed by George Hedare and his wife who is a model Laurel played by Sharon Stone.

Instilled with the mystical cat Mojo, Patience does not just takes the features of a cat- consuming cans of tuna fish, climbing up the furniture, hissing at dogs but also gains new strength, confidence and also love, in the form of Tom Lone played by Benjamin Bratt.

Nearly as perplexing as the motives of Pitof what really…… [Read More]. Progression of Film Cinema. Today, more than forty years later, the special effects for a film are still in an evolutionary stage, and the Star ars one was the first films to use the 3 dimensional Computer Generated Images technique in a feature film. Today, visual and special effects are even more popular than they were a few years back, and when Luxo, which was the first computer generated film to be nominated for an Oscar, was created, with the subject of the film being a desk lamp, which would talk and walk, it was indeed a landmark for the film world in the development of technique.

The 'Toy Story' was produced in , and this film used both computer generated images as well as hand drwan ones throughout the movie. In 'Lord of the Rings', the character of Gollum was a computer generated one, and when this image was used in conjunction with…… [Read More]. Chinese Film Analysis the Process. As a child, she immigrated to Hong Kong. Where, she learned English, as a second language and went through some of the common struggles of immigrants.

This can help you in gaining appropriate potential of the film, after that you will be ready to watch the film. Make sure you note down to keep you reminded of the elements that must be dealt within the essay, while learning how to write a film studies essay. You can just take note of the things that are visible and what you remembered, like some odd scenes or screen verses with issues. When you look for ways of how to write a film studies essay, The Uni Tutor can help you and will guide you on various subjects about your research paper.

Since we will give you an expert advice about how to compose this type of paper, so you will get higher grades. You may choose to compose a film studies essay that focuses on how a specific movie, especially those that are controversial have affected the culture.

However, you can take the whole film business to deal with the everyday lives and how they are affected. This kind of film studies essay is known as the cultural impact.

Last but not the least, to fully comprehend the ways to work on your essay, you also need to designate a type of movie genre, or a particular move that you will be expected to criticize the background. A film history essay mandates you to go over the history of how it was changed through the years, while you also consider the way it has revolved or declined.

After you have narrowed down your topic to a specific area of your interest, you will need to do an in depth research about some articles, texts, blogs, books and some sites too for more idea.

When it comes to getting direction in source, longevity of the requirements, style and close attention to the instructions of the lecturer. Such an analysis is always introduced by presenting the major topics of interest while avoiding getting into lengthy details. Special focus should feature while investigating the style and structure of a particular film. This section focuses on the screen events and ignores other outside factors like the historical context, the life history of the director and others.

A good film essay should provide the most fascinating and crucial features of the style and structure of the film. Details like sound, lighting, and cinematography contributing to the meaning of the film should also feature. A good film study essay should also consider the common sequences of form and content. This includes editing, lighting, cinematography, narrative, characterization, thematic concerns and others. This enables the target audience to ascertain how a film diverges or conforms from a genre category.

At this point, it is important to emphasize the common structures, techniques, and themes associated with the genre of the film. If the genre conforms to expectations, it is necessary to make that acknowledgement.

Analyzing the historical features of a film is an important requirement in writing a film study essay. Having a historical background enhances the understanding of the narrative or techniques employed in the film. The argument should show how the film relates to the evolutions resulted by technological advancements in the film industry.

A film study essay writer should compare the subject matter of specific films to their unique historical moments.

A documentation of the reception of a film by a certain audience will come in handy. Some film studies have theoretical content in their analysis. This form in general requires the writer to have a good comprehension of film history, film technicalities, or film theory.

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