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Fears of Growing up.

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We're forced to bend to society when we're still influential, and that's scary. It's making the people that don't fit in and know they shouldn't have to not want to have kids. Because all we're doing, is we're taking away their youth before it should even be allowed. Learning stops being fun before you're ten years old.

Games find no use when you turn 11, and lessons get more boring, we're flooded with homework then expected to go out and exercise for an hour a day, and still have to do chores, try to find time to just hang out with friends as if you don't have any you're really a true failure to society, and even get off our phones when they're all we have as an escape in this world that we can't even find time to speak with people and be social like we're supposed to.

It's honestly terrifying, what is happening. And we wonder why so many teenagers kill themselves before they graduate or drop out of school and become drug addicts or some such.

It's because what we're teaching them is there will always be too much expected of you, and it's not worth it staying in places that you can't even finish your education when you're so swamped and expected to do SO much. These are what's expected of us the moment we get into elementary to when we leave society. Don't be gay, trans, pansexual church and much of society's bullshit. That's a lot to put on a kid. And that's only coming from me, an 18 year old.

These are some pretty heavy things to put on youths. It doesn't matter the age you put it on, it's still done too early. You wonder why as we get older, we wish to be kids again every day, wish we had never wanted to grow up.

It's because we fear growing up more and more as we get older. And some of us take very severe actions to stop our growing up. Let kids be kids until they graduate from high school. Don't force so much on them. So one day, we stop fearing growing up. Log in Sign Up. Fears of Growing up. Random This is an essay I made describing my feelings on growing up. The fears of growing up. Have a social life. Go to bed early 8 hours sleep minimum Be a kid.

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Growing Up Like all children, when I was growing up all I ever wanted to do was to be big. Professionally written essays on this topic: Growing Up Pakistan, India, China, and Growing Cotton Growing just one example of how globalization significantly impacts the cotton trade. Urban Life and Women than the experience a modern urban man of her age may come upon. Physical Activity and its Benefits on Health This research paper begins by describing the health benefits of physical activity.

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Growing up in life is a difficult task, we need to chose the path that will bring us benefit as we grow older. So, there are times when we make the wrong decision or the worst .

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"Growing Up" by Russell Baker One of the most critical economic periods in the United States history was the Great Depression, which occurred in /5(21).

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Growing Up: A Reflection Essay on Life -Michael Hof Do you remember your world when you were a small child? Can you picture a single day as a 3rd Grader? Better yet, can you picture one as a kindergartener? Do you remember your old views and dreams? I do. I remember my past so very vividly: the games, the friends, the hopes, the ignorant bliss. The best essays about growing up and articles about growing up -- Great essays on growing up and articles on growing up.

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Free essay on Growing Up available totally free at, the largest free essay community. Dec 30,  · Growing up hurts, it’s full of nostalgia. Remember the old cartoons you used to laugh your butt off, the times when you couldn’t stay up passed nine o’clock. Having that pure untouched mind of your own.