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UN chief: 'Bloodbath must be averted' in Syria's Idlib

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Erdogan and UN warn of Idlib catastrophe
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Beirut, Sept 9, IRNA - Lebanese political analyst and editor of 'Magazine' daily in Lebanon Paul Khalifa emphasized that the US insistence on weakening the role of the resistance groups is the main reason for the delay in forming the governments in Lebanon and Iraq. Islamabad, Aug 11, IRNA — A Pakistani independent political analyst says that future of Pakistan-US ties is difficult to predict as trust deficit is a great impediment in the bilateral ties.

Tehran, Aug 27, IRNA — Iran and Syria signed an agreement on Sunday to boost defense and technical cooperation between the two nations, in what described by the Israeli media as a quick response to the last week's visit by a top US security official to Tel Aviv. Saturday, September 15, Iran to overcome economic problems: Iran not to tolerate undermining of its national security: Russia will continue supporting Syria in combating terrorism Tehran, Sept 14, IRNA - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow stands with Syria in the fight against terrorism, adding that the presence of foreign forces which have not been invited by the Syrian state is illegal.

Army kills scores of al-Nusra terrorists in Hama countryside Tehran, Sept 14, IRNA - A Syrian army unit targeted a terrorist group in the northern countryside of Hama, inflicting heavy losses upon its members. No change in policy over IP: Calm in rallies opportunity for ending siege on Gaza Strip: Pakistan could be a major market for Iranian detergents, soaps Islamabad, Sept 13, IRNA — Iran is known for producing quality detergents, soaps in the world, however, despite the fact that Pakistan is a neighbor of the Islamic Republic these products are not available in Pakistan markets.

A , , , win In front of nearly 5, spectators in Varna took Iran level on points with the world champion Poland on top of Pool D. It was the third meeting between the two sides in the history of the competition but unlike two previous two straight sets wins for Bulgaria in and all the expectations were for a tight affair.

Continued on Page Alongside the threat of combat, civilians also face severe shortages of food, water and medicine in Hodeida province, according to the UN. In August, WFP said it had provided emergency food assistance to some , of the around , people in the province considered to be at severe risk. Cultural Heritage Desk Traditional games demonstrate the identity, culture and climatic conditions of each region.

Iran, which boasts climatic and ethnic diversity, has been home to numerous games and entertainments since olden times, IRNA wrote. Lorestan Games prevalent across western province of Lorestan are divided into group, individual and mind games.

Holding rural sport and traditional game festival is the best opportunity to revive the ancient culture of Lorestan. Traditional games have been neglected due to the spread of flashy toys, electronic games and indifference of cultural institutions. This is while living in small apartments and changes in living conditions do not justify this shortfall, as traditional games can be played at any place and at any time with the least means and facilities.

These games can bring the people belonging to three different generations together and make it an enjoyable experience, CHN wrote. Children can also be made familiar with traditional games in their sports classes. However, teachers are themselves not familiar with such games while the Education Ministry does not feel obliged to teach children such games.

Research has shown the efficacy of using local games in training and empowering children and enhancing their social skills. Numerous books have been compiled and written for introducing and reviving the local games. Traditional games are part of Iranian culture and should be included in the sports program of schools and universities, as they help strengthen the physical, mental, social and cultural aspects of players.

The event is aimed to make participants familiar with the Silk Road projects. Promotion of cooperation among countries, exchanges in cultural and tourism fields, holding conferences and festivals and exchanging experiences are also among targets of the event, IRNA reported. Some people from countries and international bodies are expected to participate in the event. The Silk Road used to be an ancient network of trade routes that connected the East and West.

It was central to cultural interaction between the regions for many centuries. Turkey said on Friday it was talking to all parties in the Syrian conflict to prevent a government offensive on Idlib ahead of talks between Russian and Turkish presidents, who support rival sides in the looming battle for the terrorist-held region.

Despite the deadlock at the Iran meeting, calm has largely prevailed in northwest Syria this week following a wave of airstrikes which killed several dozen people and generated speculation of an imminent ground offensive. Terrorists also said some pro-government forces had left frontlines in northwest Syria in recent days. Turkey has reinforced a dozen military posts inside the Idlib region, which lies across its southern border and is controlled by Turkey-backed militants and terrorists, trying to forestall a government assault.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow would keep bombing terrorist targets in Idlib if need be, but would also open humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to flee. Lavrov said the Russian air force would strike terrorist weapons-making facilities as and when it found out about them, but would also encourage local reconciliation deals.

Oil market too tight for US zero export target Japan buyer loads Iranian oil cargoes for October arrival Iran, Finland to boost agricultural cooperation Official: Traditional games, a potential for drawing tourists Hamoon Jazmoorian an important lake in Kerman Province Radif of Iranian music inscribed as intangible cultural heritage Alendan Lake.

Women in management at Japan firms still a rarity Number of male care workers in UK increasing Indian man fills potholes out of love for dead son Migrant mortality. Heart touching short story Jokes Funny quote. Oil market too tight for US zero export target. EU looking at payment system with Iran to thwart US sanctions. Two Koreas open joint liaison office in North.

Traditional games, a potential for drawing tourists. Turkey-Iran relations at acceptable level. Defense Day of Pakistan commemorated in Tehran. Brexit negotiators talk on phone ahead of EU summit. Japan buyer loads Iranian oil cargoes for October arrival. Iran, Finland to boost agricultural cooperation.

Iran to sue ATR over breaking deal. US may waive sanctions for Indian-developing Iranian port. No-deal Brexit could be as bad as financial crash.

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