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Comparing and Contrasting Two Poems essay

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❶Is the poem broad or narrow in scope?

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To him the two looks similar. It looks at the divine features of a beautiful and clearly this poem highlights all those beautiful features. The authors in this poem convince the reader that the woman whom they are talking about is perfect. The authors of this poem use various techniques for the reader to get a better understanding of it.

The first one that I am going to stress on is the use of alliteration, this is a strategy used by poets where there is a repetition of the first letter of a word and this is simply to create an easy reading effect. The second line of the first stanza of the poem shows a clear example of such. As I have mentioned earlier this poem is one where the author describes the physical appearance of a woman, however the irony here is that although from the title we visual a woman walking because of the image that it sets ,there are no representation given by the authors of her legs or feet.

Yeats wants the reader to feel the life in this poem, not just observe it. The poem reaches out and coaxes: Yeats poems The Hosting of the Sidhe. Empty your heart of its mortal dream. The winds awaken, the leaves whirl round, Our cheeks are pale, our hair is unbound, Our breasts are heaving our eyes are agleam, Our arms are waving our lips are apart; And if any gaze on our rushing band, We come between him and the deed of his hand, We come between him and the hope of his heart.

The host is rushing 'twixt night and day, And where is there hope or deed as fair? Caoilte tossing his burning hair, And Niamh calling Away, come away. The island dreams under the dawn And great boughs drop tranquility: The Indian to His Love The island dreams under the dawn And great boughs drop tranquility; The peahens dance on a smooth lawn, A parrot sways upon a tree, Raging at his own image in the enameled sea. It gives the reader a personal connection to the poem and makes them feel as though they are a part of the story.

This time the reader is put in the place of the child who again gives the reader a personal connection to the mother and the poem. The structures in the poems are very different. It also conveys the shame of the suffering. Readers are taken on a journey through the difficult times the persona faces; they are taken through all the suffering that they have gone through.

In the first stanza the mother is looking back through her memories and remembering the labour of her child.

Whereas in the second stanza, the reader is brought to the present where the mother is arguing with her daughter. The changes in time shows their shifting fight for independence and the conflict this brings.

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Throughout your career as a student you'll have to write several kinds of essays. One of these is the compare and contrast essay. Literature students, for instance, must write compare and contrast essays on two specific works of literature -- in this case, poetry.

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How to Compare and Contrast Poems: The Tennis Match Problem Unfortunately, you want to avoid tennis matches in your essay. While writing comparison essays, students often run into the tennis match problem once they get into their body paragraphs.

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Comparing Two Poems The comparison between two poems are best analyzed through the form and meaning of the pieces. "Mother to Son" and "Harlem (A Dream Deferred)" both written by the profound poet Langston Hughes, depicts many similarities and differences between the poems. A Poetry Comparison - A Poetry Comparison The poem 'Mother, any distance', by Simon Armitage is from a collection of poems titled 'Book of Matches'; it is meant to be read in the time it takes a match to burn, and thus cannot be very long.

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Bronwen Wallace’s poem, “Common Magic,” and Rabindranath Tagore’s poem, “An Ordinary Person,” reveal how ordinary people and events can . You’ve likely done a compare and contrast essay before (if not, check out tips on how to write a compare and contrast essay). Fortunately, comparing poems isn’t much different. Two Poems to Compare and Contrast by Poets of the Same Time Period “On the Sea” by John Keats vs. “By the Sea” by William Wordsworth.