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Synonym of Determine

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❶Mathematics To fix or define the position, form, or configuration of.

Synonyms for determine

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To reach a decision; resolve: Logic tr logic to define or limit a notion by adding or requiring certain features or characteristics. Mathematics tr geometry to fix or specify the position, form, or configuration of: Law chiefly law to come or bring to an end, as an estate or interest in land.

Demand usually determines supply. Switch to new thesaurus. To make a decision about a controversy or dispute, for example after deliberation, as in a court of law: To obtain knowledge or awareness of something not known before, as through observation or study: To make up or cause to make up one's mind: To fix the limits of: He determined his course of action.

He tried to determine what had gone wrong. See corresponding entry in Unabridged resolve, adjust. See corresponding entry in Unabridged verify. See corresponding entry in Unabridged influence. See corresponding entry in Unabridged induce, lead, incline. Ames test - Augsburg - Binet-Simon scale - Brinell hardness number - Gould - Grand Prix - acoustics - addict - adjudge - adjudicate - adjust - aeroelastic - affirm - analysis - analysis of variance - analyze - aphorize - appoint - appraise - arbitrate - ascertain - assay - assess - assign - astereognosis - auction pitch - authority - autonomy - autopsy - balance - bar code - bar examination - barometer - beacon - bed check - bethink - biopsy - bioscopy - blood test - blood-and-guts - breath test - brightness - calculate - calibrate - caloric - canvass - cast - caucus - celestial guidance - center Synonyms: Forum discussions with the word s "determine" in the title: Look up "determine" at Merriam-Webster Look up "determine" at dictionary.

HAVING fully resolved to leave the vessel clandestinely, and having acquired all the knowledge concerning the bay that I could obtain under the circumstances in which I was placed, I now deliberately turned over in my mind every plan to escape that suggested itself, being determined to act with all possible prudence in an attempt where failure would be attended with so many disagreeable consequences. I had determined not to communicate my design of withdrawing from the vessel to any of my shipmates, and least of all to solicit any one to accompany me in my flight.

Nor has Socrates told us nor is it easy to say what plan of government should be pursued with respect to the individuals in the state where there is a community of goods established; for though the majority of his citizens will in general consist of a multitude of persons of different occupations, of those he has determined nothing; whether the property of the husbandman ought to be in common, or whether each person should have his share to himself; and also, whether their wives and children ought to be in common: So that, at this distance, the topographical details of the moon, observed without glasses, could not be determined with precision.

Awakened now to the danger that menaced the establishment at Astoria, and aware of the importance of protecting this foothold of American commerce and empire on the shores of the Pacific, the government determined to send the frigate Adams, Captain Crane, upon this service.

But I was determined to be discreet, to bear in mind my being only four months a widow, and to be as quiet as possible: Throw up a handful of feathers, and all must fall to the ground according to definite laws; but how simple is this problem compared to the action and reaction of the innumerable plants and animals which have determined , in the course of centuries, the proportional numbers and kinds of trees now growing on the old Indian ruins!

Should the result of her observations be unfavourable, she was determined at all events to open the eyes of her sister; should it be otherwise, her exertions would be of a different nature--she must then learn to avoid every selfish comparison, and banish every regret which might lessen her satisfaction in the happiness of Marianne.

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Synonyms for determined in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for determined. 55 synonyms for determined: resolute, firm, dogged, fixed, constant, bold, intent, persistent. Synonyms for determine in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for determine. 95 synonyms for determine: affect, control, decide, rule, condition, direct, influence, shape.

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Synonyms of determined: resolute, firm, dogged, fixed, constant | Collins English Thesaurus. Find all the synonyms and alternative words for determined at, the largest free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations resource on the web.