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❶Have you ever been the victim of cybercrime or known someone who was?

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The following are different types of Cybercrimes. So, the personal and sensitive information is stolen by the unauthorized person. When a person downloads music, movie, video, eBook, games and various software software piracy by violating copyrights —this is one of the cyber crime.

This crime happened for cash transactions of e-marketing and other banking services. This internet-based software or programs used to disrupt a network. This is a kind of online harassment where crime used to send various illegal online messages or emails.

A number of individual and protest groups have hacked the official web pages of various governmental and commercial organizations even the defense information of a country. Cyberspace now abounds with a variety of investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, sale of items, online lotteries etc. Denial-of-service referred the act by which a user of any website or service denied to the use of service of the website.

So, crimes target the web server of the website and flow a large number of requests to that server. This causes use of maximum bandwidth of the website and the targeted website goes slow down or not available for some time.

It is an unauthorized alteration of data. It spread rapidly throughout computer systems in the United States and Europe. It is estimated that the virus caused 80 million dollars in damages to computers worldwide. In the United States alone, the virus made its way through 1.

David Smith pleaded guilty on Dec. Cyber harassment is a distinct Cybercrime. Various kinds of harassment can and do occur in cyberspace, or through the use of cyberspace. Harassment can be sexual, racial, religious, or other. Persons perpetuating such harassment are also guilty of cybercrimes. Cyber harassment as a crime also brings us to another related area of violation of privacy of citizens.

Violation of privacy of online citizens is a Cybercrime of a grave nature. No one likes any other person invading the invaluable and extremely touchy area of his or her own privacy which the medium of internet grants to the citizen. The second category of Cyber-crimes is that of Cybercrimes against all forms of property.

A Mumbai-based upstart engineering company lost a say and much money in the business when the rival company, an industry major, stole the technical database from their computers with the help of a corporate cyber spy. History of Cyber Crime [ 3 ]. These kinds of compulsive behaviors are observed on a daily basis. It has been highlighted by the authors that there is an acceptable use policy implicated on the students in academic institutions and on the daily basis, without regarding the restrictions placed by these policies, students work against the policy.

According to the policy, computers within the universities can only be used for academic purposes only. But in the campuses and academic institutions, it is seen that the students usually sit in for social networking and gaming. Thereby, from here it can be seen that either the students don't want to follow the policies or they don't want to understand the restrictions placed in the policies. The authors have highlighted that…… [Read More].

Each and every day some type of cyber crime occurs. Such crimes have the potential to affect the country's national security. This paper investigates the significance of internet traffic and analysis to Homeland Security. It will look at the importance of internet traffic and analysis to Homeland Security as well as encrypted traffic and its implications to cyber-security.

The manner in which the U. Encrypted mobile messaging applications will also be discussed. At the end of the discussions, solutions are recommended and a conclusion given. Technology Has Corrupted Society as. The Internet has also facilitated the disturbing trend of cyber-bullying and cyber-harassment. Attempts to curb cyber-harassment may prove difficult as "cyber-bullies" may be anonymous and therefore, difficult to identify.

In "Cyber-Bullying in Schools: A esearch for Gender Differences," Qing Li states that school violence is a serious social problem that is persistent and acute during middle school [LI ]. A New Method for an Old Behavior," is defined as "the repeated and intentional use of various forms of technology such as cell-phones, pagers,…… [Read More]. Responsibilities of Technical Professional. Lifelong Learning Using Technology Technology has changed the way people learn.

These days, the conventional method of learning from books and through teacher's intervention is not the only technique that educational institutions depend to impart knowledge and skills to students.

With the emergence of technology, learning from digital resources has been a component of many school curriculums. Learning is a continuous process. After finishing school, we continuously absorb diverse information, knowledge, and skills from our own experiences, either from our work or simply from our day-to-day life. More especially, because of the different technologies that have been developed, people seem to similarly develop different strategies for lifelong learning.

One tool to such is the usability and value of what the Internet can provide. If some decades ago, we have to run to libraries when we need to research information, the convenience of accomplishing such need these days, with the help…… [Read More]. General Aspects on Social Engineering. Social Engineering as it Applies to Information Systems Security The research takes into account several aspects that better create an overview of the term and the impact it has on security systems.

In this sense, the first part of the analysis reviews the concept of social engineering and the aspects it entails. Secondly, it provides a series of cases that were influenced by social engineering and the effects each had on the wider picture of information security. Thirdly, the research looks at what policies are set in place to avoid this type of practice and how has the information security society responded to the threat posed by social engineering.

Finally, possible solutions to the issues social engineering raises are also presented in the context of the increased technological environment in which business is conducted in the world we live in today.

General aspects on social engineering A non-academic definition of…… [Read More]. They are, furthermore, all topical, and among them there are some efforts to other studies, and the entities mentioned in the introductions above, i.

However, authors also reference themselves, in A. Conclusions Cybercrime is certainly one of the most serious modern threats in today's world and the paper referenced throughout the paragraphs above only proves this, and does so in a very organized, well-documented way.

Thus, by offering a clear strategy and organizational structure, "The Seven Scam Types: Mapping the Terrain of Cybercrime" by Amber Stabek, Paul Watters and Robert Layton at the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory successfully achieves its purpose of introducing a strategy in order to standardize scam incidents. A probabilistic reputation model based on transaction ratings. Information Sciences, 11 , pp.

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Most Popular Computer Crimes. Fbi agent charged with hacking. From russia with lopht. The next step is to develop a documentation of the evidence. The study suggests using the digital camera take the photos of all the evidence. The photo must ensure degree coverage of the scene.

The photo must reveal the location of all the seized computer systems. The front, back, and, side by all photos must photograph. However, there is a need for a videotaping of the active screen monitor. The photographs should reveal the position of mice, computer components, cables and other evidence. Digital evidence and computer crime: Best practices against Cybercrime View Full Essay.

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Market share by credit card network. Most of the methods mentioned are aimed at catching attackers. One system, the Cyberterrorism First Responder is directed towards programmers and helps prevent future cybercrime p.

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Short Essay on Cyber Crime – Cyber crime is the latest and perhaps the most complicated problem in the cyber world. The term “Cyber Crime” has nowhere been defined in any statute or Act passed or enacted by the Indian Parliament.

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CyberCrime Committed on the Internet Essay - Cyber Crime Committed on the Internet Cyber crime is an issue that has been prevalent in this nation ever since the creation of .

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Cyber crime is defined as crimes committed on the internet using the computer as either a tool or a targeted victim. Besides that cyber crime can be defined as crimes committed on the internet using the computer as either a tool or a targeted victim (Joseph A E, ). Computer can be considers as a tool in cyber crime when the individual is the main target of cyber crime. The Different Types of Cyber Crimes Internet is growing today but many people have become victims of hacking, theft, cyber stalking, Child soliciting etc. which are various types of cyber crimes. Cyber crime is committed over the internet.

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Free cyber crime papers, essays, and research papers. The rapid growth of the internet and computer technology over the past few years has led to the growth in new forms of crime-dubbed cyber crime- throughout the world.