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❶Shane Cockrum 91 Harris , 7.

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They've done all the work, made the investment in me and still think I'm at the top. This one's probably going to take a while to sink in. After a lengthy rain delay that pushed the evening's event back several hours, the A-Main pushed off just after midnight for the Inaugural lap race where Bacon set forth all the way back in the seventh position. Pole sitter Kevin Thomas, Jr. Thomas created some separation between he and Courtney in the first-third of the event until a six-car melee ensued between turns three and four on the 14th lap, resulting in Tucker Klaasmeyer toppling over on the 14th lap.

He was uninjured and did not restart. Once racing resumed, second-place Bacon made his presence felt as a contender, serving as Thomas' largest foil thus far, putting pressure on the Alabama driver as the two gapped the field.

On the 20th lap, Bacon fired his first shot across the bow, going stride-to-stride with Thomas into turn three, but Thomas was able to muscle his way back to the bottom to secure the line and the position.

The pressure was on Thomas as the pair hit lapped traffic. Thomas' line swung a little wider off the bottom as time wore on while Bacon's arching line stuck him to the bottom on exit like glue. Thomas' lead clung to life as he ripped from the high side of four off exit, swinging low like a sweet chariot across the nose of Bacon into turn one on lap 24 to retain the lead.

Traffic was plentiful on the bottom, forcing Thomas and Bacon to occupy the unclaimed high side nearing ten to go as Chad Boat suddenly entered the fray in third.

Thomas immediately darted to the bottom entering turn one as both he and Bacon put on a dueling Tokyo drift display through the corner while Boat emerged on the bottom to make it three-wide for the race lead down the back straight entering turn three. I just had to time it right. I got under him once and I thought I might've given it away by not staying in front of him. We were able to put enough pressure on him and made him think and move around a little bit, which allowed me to sneak underneath him.

It was not over by any means because he had a really good racecar too and traffic could've gone in a number of ways. Indeed, it did, as Bacon remained on the high side and established some personal space, climbing the ladder to the top and ever-so-slightly, subtly pinning Thomas and Boat behind the lappers between turns one and two. Boat's attack was relentless, and Bacon had to be as suave as possible down the stretch. We had some wheelies going on, but I knew it was going to come to me.

I could see some black come in on the track. We had a really good line where we could throw it sideways and come off straight on the bottom. Bacon, who is expecting to become a father once again in the coming weeks with baby number three on the way, is eager to look at the big picture of things through what has been a tumultuous season in some ways with switching Sprint Car teams in the middle of the season and a series of misfortunes in the Silver Crown car despite being strong the majority of time, but without the results to show for.

The results came through Thursday at IMS as he and his crew came to the forefront to notch down a prestigious victory. Everyone who's involved has pitched in and done their part above and beyond what anyone should expect anyone to do. Driver Robert Dalby of Anaheim, Calif. Alex Bright 77 Bright , 6. Anton Hernandez 11A Gray , 8. Nick Drake 55 Cline , 9. Roy Caruthers 5x Boyle , Austin Langenstein 7CG Seven , Jesse Vermillion 5v Vermillion.

Jake Neuman 3N Neuman , 2. Tyler Thomas 91T Thomas , 3. Gage Walker 7 Walker , 4. Jason McDougal 15 Petry , 5. Riley Kreisel 37K Felker , 9. Ray Seach 31 Budres , Presley Truedson 5T Daum , Olivia Bennett 77x Bennett , Ethan Mitchell 19m Bundy Built. David Budres 23 Budres , 3. Critter Malone 7CH Seven , 4. Brian Karraker 29J Jarrett , 5.

Terry Babb 37 Felker , 7. Tyler Nelson 88 Nelson , 8. Justin Dickerson 21D Dickerson , 9. Leary 5 Baldwin , Trey Osborne 11T Taylor , Travis Young 11Y Young , Chase McDermand 57B Ecker. Dillon Welch 99p Ronk , 3. Matt Westfall 54 Bordner , 5. Dakota Jackson 17D Koontz , 6. Korey Weyant 99w Mounce , 7. Jeb Sessums 2NDHarris , 8.

Andy Bradley 49 Bradley , 9. Aaron Leffel 11L Taylor , Lance Bennett 10 Bennett , Robert Dalby 4D Dalby , Kyle May 39 May , Daniel Robinson 57D McCreery. Andrew Layser 35L Bright , 3. Davey Ray 33 RayPro , 5. Russ Gamester 51 Gamester , 7. Glenn Waterland 11c Waterland , 8.

Alex Schriever 25s Davis , 9. Tyler Shoemaker 1T Mounce , Landon Cassill 21x Shuman , Bryan Drollinger 71x Drollinger. Matt Sherrell 2D Harris , 5. Braydan Willmington 89 RayPro , 6. Mark Chisholm 56x Fifty6x , 8.

Brian Peterson 7p Peterson , 9. Chase Jones 33c RayPro , Payton Pierce 37x Felker. Shane Cottle 1ST Saucier , 3. Andrew Felker 57A Ecker , 4. Gio Scelzi 25x Malloy , 5. Chase Briscoe 5B Briscoe , 6.

Chris Baue 35x Baue , 7. Kevin Studley 57K Studley , 8. Robby Spino 46 Johnson , 9. John Heydenreich 22 Heydenreich , Randi Pankratz 8 Pankratz. Chris Windom 35 Petry , 2. Brady Bacon 76m FMR , 3. Landon Simon 24 LSR , 5. Yeley 63D Dooling , 6. Dylan Peterson 25p Peterson , 8. Carson Garrett 15c Garrett , 9. David Prickett 24x Neverlift , Chris Urish 77u Casson , Gilbert 56Y Fifty6x , Conor Daly 1 LSR , Nate Foster 57F Foster.

Brady Bacon 7 , 2. Chad Boat 10 , 3. Tyler Courtney 2 , 5. Christopher Bell 17 , 6. Alex Bright 8 , 7. Justin Grant 6 , 8. Holly Shelton 9 , 9. Ryan Robinson 3 , Chris Windom 22 , Logan Seavey 23 , Zeb Wise 14 , Shane Cottle 13 , Jason McDougal 25 , Maria Cofer 24 , Terry Babb 20 , Brayton Lynch 4 , David Budres 19 , Brian Karraker 21 , Tyler Thomas 18 , Tucker Klaasmeyer 15 , Jake Neuman 16 , Dillon Welch 12 , Dalby flipped during the fourth qualifier. Klaasmeyer flipped on lap 14 of the feature.

Michael Faccinto, 8, Richardson Colby Copeland, 16A, Copeland Ron Laplant, 69, Laplant Gary Paulson, 45, Kleinhaus Cody Jessop, 35, Grier Nick Larson, 24N, Larson David Johnson, 16, Johnson Jake Swanson 23rd to 9th. Williams, 3-Bernal, 4-Gardner, 5-Faria, 6-C. Newman, whose racing accolades include the USAC Silver Crown title, plus the Daytona and Brickyard crowns, has been a regular competitor in the "Vogler Classic" in recent years. He's a recipient of the Rich Vogler Memorial Scholarship, plus a past winner of the event in Vance passed away in June of Additionally, the late Dave Steele was a frequent winner in the Vance machine in the late s.

Last year, Newman and company brought the car out to LOR in its familiar, immaculate black, yellow and red scheme. He started sixth, but bowed out only 30 laps into the lapper with handling issues and had to settle for an 18th place finish. The year-old South Bend, Indiana native has become one of the most successful drivers to transition from USAC to stock cars during his year career as a full-time competitor in NASCAR's premier series that includes 18 wins, 51 poles and a 2nd place points finish in Pits open at noon, with practice set for 3pm, qualifying at 6pm and racing at 7pm.

The race will be live via pay-per-view on http: Coming to the white flag, the Angola, Ind. In preliminary action, Tyler Courtney completed an IMS Dirt Track version of a spin and win to become the first official winner of a race at the quarter-mile dirt oval, sliding to halt midway through the ten-lapper while leading, but the Indianapolis, Ind.

Meanwhile, David Prickett and Tyler Nelson were involved in a tangle that resulted in a double-flip. In heat race two, Macdoel, California's Maria Cofer, subbing for the injured Spencer Bayston, became the first female winner in the history of the Dirt Track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, getting to the point on the second lap from her outside front row starting spot.

Cullman, Alabama's Kevin Thomas, Jr. Shane Cottle of Kansas, Ill. Behind him, a torrid battle ensued as Dillon Welch ripped the fence lap after lap alongside Brian Karraker, but Karraker was able to get the spot to finish second on the final lap behind Cottle.

Tucker Klaasmeyer drove from seventh to first by halfway as the Paola, Kansas driver cruised to a two-second victory in heat race five. Yeley and Shane Golobic dip and dive, exchanging the front spot numerous times, with Yeley spraying the concrete with soil as he flirted with the turn two concrete each time he exited turn two in his journey to victory lane.

Jason McDougal and Steve Buckwalter banged wheels, nerf bars, you name it, in their torrid battle for the lead for the majority of heat race seven. A wheel-to-wheel, slider fest raged on until McDougal slipped on the berm near the end. Buckwalter, of Royersford, Pa. Zach Daum walked away from a turn two flip during the heat.

When Norman, Oklahoma's Christopher Bell starts from the pole, it's trouble for pretty much everyone else. It was a tale of two different lines in heat nine between Chad Boat and Tyler Thomas. But, the difference in this one was the two repeatedly swapped the lead back and forth, exchanging slider after slider after slider before Collinsville, Oklahoma's Thomas rode the rim in turn four to nip Boat at the line for the victory.

Foresthill, California's Ryan Robinson controlled heat race 10 from the outset, leading every lap despite starting fifth. Brayton Lynch followed suit, advancing from eighth to a second-place finish, rapidly closing on Robinson during the final laps as Robinson biked it on the cushion and motored on.

Alex Bright of Collegeville, Pa. Bright became the night's high-point man heading into Thursday's finale. The "BC39" continues Thursday night, September 6 at IMS with the final events taking place, beginning with the eight qualifying races before moving into the main events and concluding with the lap A-Main.

The pits open at 8am, drivers meeting in the pagoda at 3pm and cars hitting the track at 5pm. The event will be streamed LIVE via pay-per-view on http: Randi Pankratz 8 Pankratz , 4.

Payton Pierce 37x Felker , 6. Brian Peterson 7p Peterson , 7. David Prickett 24x Neverlift , 9. Chris Windom 35 Petry , 4. Nick Drake 55 Cline , 5. Shane Cockrum 91 Harris , 7. Presley Truedson 5T Daum , 9. Kyle May 39 May. Daniel Robinson 57D McCreery , 6. Chris Urish 77u Casson , 7. John Heydenreich 22 Heydenreich , 9. Shane Cottle 1ST Saucier , 2. Brian Karraker 29J Jarrett , 3. Dillon Welch 99p Ronk , 4. Kevin Studley 57K Studley , 6. Robert Dalby 4D Dalby , 7.

Andy Bradley 49 Bradley , 8. Jesse Vermillion 5v Vermillion , 9. Billy Wease 12w Wease. Terry Babb 37 Felker , 3. Andrew Felker 57A Ecker , 5. Critter Malone 7CH Seven , 7. Braydan Willmington 89 RayPro , 8. Nate Foster 57F Foster , 9. Landon Cassill 21x Shuman. Yeley 63D Dooling , 2. Chase Jones 33c RayPro , 4. Landon Simon 24 LSR , 6. Dakota Jackson 17D Koontz , 7. Gio Scelzi 25x Malloy , 8. Rich Drangmeister 18 Drangmeister , 9.

Tracy Hines 11 Leader Card. Steve Buckwalter 0 Buckwalter , 2. Jake Neuman 3N Neuman , 3. Matt Westfall 54 Bordner , 4. David Budres 23 Manic , 6. Riley Kreisel 37K Felker , 7. Roy Caruthers 5x Boyle , 9. Zach Daum 5D Daum. Korey Weyant 99w Mounce , 3. Lance Bennett 10 Bennett , 4. Tyler Shoemaker 1T Mounce , 5. Carson Garrett 15c Garrett , 6.

Anton Hernandez 11A Gray , 7. Chris Baue 35x Baue. Tyler Thomas 91T Thomas , 2. Chase Briscoe 5B Briscoe , 5. Olivia Bennett 77x Bennett , 8. Jeb Sessums 2ND Harris. Russ Gamester 51 Gamester , 4. Andrew Layser 35L Bright , 6. Chase McDermand 57B Ecker , 7. Logan Arnold 43 Arnold , 8. Johnny Petrozelle 8c Cornell , 9. Conor Daly 1 LSR. Alex Bright 77 Bright , 2. Travis Young 11Y Young , 3.

Davey Ray 33 RayPro , 4. Trey Osborne 11T Taylor , 5. Mark Chisholm 56x Fifty6x , 6. Alex Schriever 25s Davis , 7. Gilbert 56Y Fifty6x , 8. Nick Hamilton 32 Hamilton. Brady Bacon 76m FMR , 2. Leary 5 Baldwin , 4. Aaron Leffel 11L Taylor , 6. Matt Sherrell 2D Harris , 7. Joey Moughan 29 Casson , 8. Ray Seach 31 Budres , 9. Austin Langenstein 7CG Seven. Prickett and Nelson flipped during the first heat.

Daum flipped during the seventh heat. Sessums flipped during the ninth heat. Bell and Jones flipped during the pursuit. The Front Gates will open at 5: For more event and ticket information, visit www. Failure to comply will be disqualified from the events. The weight rule is 1, lbs. In , the fan favorite won 25 main events at Manzanita racing sprint cars, midgets, sprint buggies, stocks, and super-modifieds. Buckeye, AZ heads to Arizona Speedway with a stout point lead.

Michael Curtis Cottonwood, AZ sits fourth in the championship point standings. The young driver will have his sights on earning his first sprint car win this Saturday night. Arizona Speedway is located at N. To get to the track, exit Ironwood Drive on US 60, then head four miles south. For more information on the series, visit www. Includes non-point shows R. Johnson, 7-Charles Davis Jr.

Includes non-point shows 7-Charles Davis Jr. This schedule is subject to change. The year-old Boise, Idaho native will compete in a familiar car, the No. Hamilton made four starts for the team during the season with a best finish of 5th at Salem Ind. Speedway and a 9th at Lucas Oil Raceway, the. The son of time Indy starter, Davey Hamilton, has just five career Silver Crown starts, but has plans in the works to make more frequent appearances in the big cars among his racing endeavors in the coming years.

Kody Swanson won the first appearance at LOR in May ahead of brother Tanner Swanson who charged from 22nd to 2nd and was challenging for the win during the final laps. A field of 22 cars is expected for the event with former race winners and champions across the board. John Clark, 12J, Clark Max Adams, 3T, Finkenbinder Gary Paulson, 45, Kleinhans Shawn Arriaga, 56J, Arriaga Ricky Brophy, 3, Brophy Swanson flipped on lap 3 of the feature.

The Gas City trip marks the return of the series to the quarter-mile oval for the first time since July of when Greenfield, Indiana's C. Leary emerged with the victory in a wild one, passing Robert Ballou with five laps remaining to score the win. Speaking of that fact, the most recent occasion the series was on Hoosier state soil produced a first-time winner as well in Collinsville, Oklahoma's Tyler Thomas, who won at Kokomo a couple weeks back on the second night of "Sprint Car Smackdown VII.

The unique format will feature qualifying races, plus the "King of the Hill" two-car, three lap shootouts that pits the top-8, locked in A-Main drivers competing for their starting spots in the night's A-Main, which leads into the last chance races and concludes with the lap A-Main. Friday night at Gas City, the pits open at 3pm, front gates at 4: Sunday at Kokomo, all gates open at 2pm.

Cars hit the track at 5pm with racing to immediately follow. Three-day "Smackdown" ticketholders must turn in their wristband at the ticket window in exchange for a new one.

Tickets that were already redeemed are NOT valid for re-entry. It is only the wristband that will be accepted as a rain check, no exceptions. The Kokomo race will be streamed live on http: Both Gas City and Kokomo will be available to watch on-demand a day after the event is run on http: The penultimate USAC Silver Crown Champ Car race on the calendar brings the series back to the blacktop for the final time this year on the tricky, paved.

Tanner put on a show back in May's "Carb Night Classic" at LOR, opting to start from the tail for a chance at a substantial bonus payday, driving from 22nd to 2nd, coming up just short to Kody at the checkered.

Tanner, of Kingsburg, Calif. Kody holds a commanding point advantage in the standings as he aims to claim an unprecedented fourth career Silver Crown title. Franklin, Massachusetts' Bobby Santos is the lone driver not named Kody Swanson to win one on the pavement this season. The lone active driver outside of that three to have barged into victory line at LOR in that span is Shullsburg, Wisconsin's David Byrne, who was victorious in one of the most memorable finishes in the long history of the series.

Byrne charged like a madman following the final restart with less than 10 laps to go, then ran down Tanner Swanson on the final corner of the final lap to win the "Vogler Classic" in what remains his only Silver Crown win to date.

Byrne currently resides in the fourth spot in the standings. The "Rich Vogler Classic" has a rich history that dates to and was run for many years at Winchester Ind. Newman also claimed his first career Silver Crown victory right at LOR in the Spring of on his way to the series title. Greenfield, Indiana's Eric Gordon has made a successful return to competition this season on the pavement. Chris Windom of Canton, Ill. The series champ has raced to victory in the Silver Crown series' two most recent outings on the Illinois dirt miles in Springfield and Du Quoin.

Windom has the third spot in the points coming into LOR, one position behind Ione, California's Justin Grant who's substantially stepped up his game on the pavement with two poles at Toledo Ohio Speedway and Madison Wisc. Windom's teammate Jerry Coons, Jr. Kyle Robbins tops the Rookie of the Year race at seventh in the standings, seven ahead of Pendleton, Indiana's Travis Welpott in eighth.

Jim Anderson, of Joliet, Illinois, a 4thplace finisher at Madison in June, returns to the place where he made his first series start, an 8th, in May. This is a cannot-miss event with an entry list boasting an unprecedented drivers from coast-to-coast and around the globe, a USAC National Midget record for a single race.

Yeley , who've all won feature events. Yeley is the lone driver in the field to have competed in both the Indianapolis and Brickyard during his career.

However, he's not the only one with stock car experience on the famed 2. Chase Briscoe has a plethora of experience of the fendered variety as well dirt track, open wheel cars. The race will take place at the new quarter-mile dirt oval located inside turn three of the famed 2. For the first night of action on Wednesday, September 5, will feature hot laps, heat races and a pursuit race. The public gates open at 3pm with cars set to get on track at 5pm. On Thursday, September 6, on-track action will begin with hot laps, as all cars will practice with their respective qualifying races, before getting into the qualifying races and the alphabet mains, concluding with the A-Main event.

Tye Mihocko 5 Mihocko , 4. Chris Bonneau 15 Bonneau , 5. Ronnie Clark 6 Clark , 6. Mike Martin 16 Martin , 8. Colton Maroney 68 Maroney , 9. Matt Lundy 98 Lundy , Colby Copeland of Roseville, Calif. Roa vaulted back into the series point lead as a result.

Max Adams, 3F, Finkenbinder Jace Vander Weerd, 88, Vander Weerd Shayna Sylvia, 3T, Finkenbinder Zack Lynskey, 7N, Lynskey Johnathon Henry, 8, Richardson-NT. Jace Vander Weerd, Ryan Bernal 14th to 5th. Shane Golobic, 17W, Wood Michael Faccinto, 9D, Dodenhoff Robby Josett, 9F, Dodenhoff Ronnie Gardner, 68, Six Robert Dalby, 4D, Dalby David Prickett, 24X, Neverlift Johnathon Henry, 3F, Finkenbinder Marvin Mitchell, 78, Mitchell Kyle Beilman, 2, Josett Randi Pankratz, 8, Pankratz Ryan Bernal 11th to 3rd.

September 15— Ventura CA Raceway. Sometimes those plans go awry and sometime those plans come to fruition. Then again, other times, the way things play out don't fit into either of those columns.

Sometimes, you must take advantage of the hand you're dealt and see where it goes. That was how Chris Windom's Sunday night played out down the stretch for the topsy-turvy conclusion to the latest edition of the "Ted Horn Not one, but two race leaders ran out of fuel during the final lap stretch and the Canton, Illinois driver was poised to pounce, leading the final six laps to win his second "Ted Horn " in the last three years. He also became the first driver in a decade, since Brian Tyler in , to sweep both Silver Crown races on the Illinois dirt miles of Du Quoin and Springfield in the same year.

Meanwhile, up front, his teammate and outside front row starter Jerry Coons, Jr. Brady Bacon was a man in motion early on, riding the high line from the fourth starting spot to the lead past Coons on lap seven. The race came to a halt on the 15th lap when J. Bland's rear axle snapped, sending him flipping over the inside guardrail on the back straightaway nearing the entrance to turn three.

The ensuing restart was a Flying Wallendas high wire act between Bacon and C. Leary, both running the fence at a torrid pace as they separated themselves from the pack until the second and final stoppage of the night on lap 34 when series Rookie Austin Mundie flipped it over in turn one and walked away unscathed. When the time came to restart, race leader Bacon's car was unable to fire. His car was pushed to the infield without power and, being unable to restart due to a clutch issue, retired for the remainder of the evening.

That gave the lead to Leary who was a rocket right out of the box in his second race for the DMW Motorsports team, riding the high line to perfection and constantly extending his lead, up to over three seconds by the halfway point. As the laps wound down to 40 to go and 30 to go, Leary maintained a lead of between two and three seconds, with Windom in third another 10 whole seconds back.

While Windom had an inkling that both Leary and Courtney would run into issues with fuel, he wasn't exactly sure if or when he had to turn up the wick to catch them as he remained disciplined at his own pace. There really wasn't a right time to. I don't feel like I've really learned that until this year.

You really have to pace yourself. It may not always work out but, nine times out of ten, it's going to work out because the pace those guys tried setting there, I didn't think was sustainable for laps. The furious pace on the long green flag run and running the high line for the entire duration of the race would soon rear its ugly head with 15 laps remaining.

Courtney began to pulley the once untouchable Leary, ultimately passing the sputtering Leary on the 88th lap exiting turn two. Leary slowed considerably, but was able to nurse his ride home the rest of the way for a seventh place finish. Now, Courtney was in control, and he too had no hesitation of letting up anytime soon, stretching his advantage over Windom to 5. On lap 95, Courtney's thirsty engine sputtered off turn four, coasting down the front straightaway and gave way to Windom who had planned to be in contention at the end, but most probably not in the manner it ultimately did.

I thought we'd get a caution with 20 or 30 to go, then I'd be able to race them for the lead. It never came, so then I started thinking with 20 to go that, with the pace they're setting, there's no way they're going to last. I got a little more nervous when there were 13 to go and they were still 13 seconds ahead of me.

Finally, my spotter came over the radio and said the No. So, I knew it was our race to lose at that point. These races are different every time. You never know what you're going to get. I don't think I've ever ran a Crown race at that pace for that long. I tried to manage it as long as I could. I've had to learn the hard way a lot of times here while leading. I've run out of fuel and crashed multiple times. I tried to take what I've learned from the past and put it to use here today.

That experience ultimately paid off for Windom, the series champ, as he was able to bring home his eighth career Silver Crown score to move into sole possession of 14th on the all-time list. The triumph also added a third Du Quoin Silver Crown victory to car owner Gene Nolen's list of accomplishments, previously scoring wins with Johnny Parsons in and Tony Elliott in Same as Springfield, Windom led only a scant number of laps 15 in total between there and Du Quoin but came away with two monster victories on his racing resume.

Also similar was Kevin Thomas, Jr. Jacob Wilson, 07, WBR Brady Bacon, 6, Klatt David Byrne, 40, Byrne Kyle Robbins, 7, KR Chris Windom, 17, Nolen Justin Grant, 91, Hemelgarn Chris Urish, 77, Urish Tyler Courtney, 97, Lein Kody Swanson, 63, DePalma Joe Liguori, 4, Liguori Shane Cockrum, 71, Hardy Joey Moughan, 29, Moughan Shane Cottle, 81, Williams Jeff Swindell, 21, Swanson Austin Mundie, 47, Butler Matt Goodnight, 39, Goodnight Patrick Lawson, 2, Lawson Bill Rose, 75, Rose Russ Gamester, 51, Gamester Brian Tyler, 12, Galas Steve Buckwalter, 53, Five Three Mike Haggenbottom, , Haggenbottom Korey Weyant, 99, Weyant Chris Dyson, 9, Dyson Terry Babb, 34, Morford Keith Burch, 24, Burch Terry James, 23, Satterthwaite Jackie Burke, 33, Burke Dave Berkheimer, 31, Berkheimer Danny Long, 44, Long-NT; Chris Fetter, 89, Fetter-NT.

Chris Windom 8 , 2. Shane Cockrum 14 , 4. Justin Grant 9 , 5. Kody Swanson 12 , 6. David Byrne 6 , 7. Leary 3 , 8. Austin Nemire 17 , 9. Joey Moughan 15 , Kyle Robbins 7 , Mike Haggenbottom 25 , Bill Rose 22 , Chris Dyson 26 , Tyler Courtney 11 , Shane Cottle 16 , Jacob Wilson 1 , Joe Liguori 13 , Keith Burch 28 , Patrick Lawson 21 , Brady Bacon 4 , Matt Goodnight 20 , Chris Urish 10 , Austin Mundie 19 , Terry Babb 29 , Brian Tyler 24 , Korey Weyant 30 , Bland 27 , Russ Gamester 23 , Mundie flipped on lap 34 of the feature.

Aaron Leffel 11L Taylor , 1. Alex Watson 3 Watson , 3. Stratton Briggs Briggs 71 ,4. Jon Steed 11T Taylor , 5. Gunnar Lucius 22L Lucius , 6. Taylor Cox 7x Cox , 7.

Brent Watson 17k Watson , 9. Don Bigelow 4B Bigelow , Tommy Bigelow 2B Bifgelow , Kenny Key 5c Key , Zach Guingrich 11G Guingrich , Ben Taylor 11T Taylor , Kyle Kriegbaum 12 Kriegbaum , Tom Hunt 12 Hunt. September 8 - Canton, Ill. Sight unseen, at the invitation of fellow racer Kevin Thomas, Jr. It's been quite a run for McDougal who has quickly made a name for himself in the USAC ranks over the past handful of months, an opportunity he said wouldn't have been possible had it not been for the driver he defeated on night two of the Brandt "River Town Showdown.

Without him, I wouldn't be here. I know he's down on himself right now for losing, but I know, deep down, he's proud. Initially, it was McDougal who held the point on the opening lap by mere inches as he tussled to and fro with Chase Stockon for the first three laps, with Stockon emerging at the forefront as an incident in turn three shook up the look at the front when Thomas and Robert Ballou made contact battling for the third position in turn three.

Thomas took a hop, skip and a jump before landing on all fours and motoring on. Meanwhile, Ballou took the worst of it, sliding sideways to a stop in the middle of turn three. He restarted from the tail and made a miraculous charge back through the field to a third-place finish by race's end. By lap 12, the leaders had hit L. It would take precise precision, which Thomas used to thread the eye of the needle between Stockon and the lapped car of Chuck Walker in turn three on lap 13 to grab the lead.

Stockon went down swinging, racing back to the bottom, wheel-to-wheel with Thomas until Thomas secured the position. In the scramble, you could throw an electric blanket over the top seven, which ultimately was tail-ended by McDougal where he had dropped to and would remain throughout the midway point. McDougal steadily worked his way back toward the front, to fourth by lap 18 and to third by the 19th lap behind Thomas and now Courtney, the previous night's winner in Granite City, Ill.

On the 25th lap, one of the most frightening incidents of the season occurred as Walker climbed the front straightaway wall and got into the catch fencing in turn one, tearing down several posts and links as he helicoptered across the track upside down with pieces and parts of his yellow racecar strewn about the property.

Walker climbed out of the wreckage and walked away under his own power with a severely damaged machine. The ensuing carnage resulted in a nearly one-hour red flag period, forcing drivers to sit, wait, and ponder what they would do on this final restart.

McDougal and the team decided not to make a single mechanical change during the open red, but there was a benefit to it all for McDougal that wasn't associated with bringing out any tools or tool accessories.

McDougal became the second driver in the last three races to pick up his first career series victory, joining fellow Okie Tyler Thomas, who won just eight days earlier at Kokomo Ind.

I knew I had to concentrate, hit my marks and not worry about what everyone else was going to do. We had it rolling pretty good early and we were trying the top. After the first couple of laps, it seemed like it went right around the bottom and I fell back, then the top picked back up. We were pretty consistent all night around the top. And so, the stage had been set with the established Thomas leading the young, upstart McDougal for the final restart.

While Thomas stayed tried and true to the bottom of the track, McDougal simply threw caution to the wind and ripped the top with relentless abandon, surging past Thomas with four laps to go. Thomas hung on tightly and tried not to let go of his fading grip of the lead, but McDougal had his ride and the topside of the racetrack working in unison, like a bullet train on a monorail. McDougal was flawless with the laps dwindling and wouldn't be denied on this particular night, bringing home his first checkered flag with USAC.

Brady Bacon, 99, Bacon Robert Ballou, 12, Ballou Chase Stockon, 32, 32 TBI Chris Windom, 5, Baldwin Jadon Rogers, 14J, Rogers Mario Clouser, 6, MCM Mitch Wissmiller, 1, Wissmiller Scottie Gretzmacher, 16G, Gretzmacher Chet Williams, 38, Fortune Korey Weyant, 99w, Weyant Wade Seiler, 7s, Seiler Chuck Walker, 55, Walker Patrick Budde, 90, Budde Adam Parmeley, 21B, Parmeley Jason McDougal 2 , 2.

Robert Ballou 3 , 4. Tyler Courtney 6 , 5. Justin Grant 11 , 6. Leary 8 , 7. Dave Darland 7 , 8. Chris Windom 10 , 9. Chase Stockon 1 , Korey Weyant 18 , Isaac Chapple 9 , Mario Clouser 14 , Jadon Rogers 13 , Chet Williams 17 , Scottie Gretzmacher 16 , Patrick Budde 21 , Adam Parmeley 22 , Under the proposed agreement, beginning in , this vesting schedule also would apply to retirement dental benefits for new hires.

Retiree vision benefit vesting does not appear to be affected by the agreement. Business and Travel Reimbursements: Reimbursement rates will be increased consistent with other bargaining units. Retirement Increase Cost Sharing: The employee contribution would return to current levels in Changes to Retiree Health Benefit Prefunding.

In and , if the actuarially determined normal costs to prefund retiree health benefits increases or decreases by more than 0. The employee contribution would return to previous levels in Negotiations with the next governor would commence as early as January , approximately 16 months from now. Requires the state to continue to deduct voluntary membership dues from payroll.

Allows members to cancel membership, but only during 30 days prior to expiration of the MOU, June This agreement is tentative, subject to review and approval by all CAPS members, and the state Legislature. A secret ballot election for CAPS members — and only members — is being planned consistent with past practice. Legislative review and ratification is underway now, and must be completed before the legislature departs for the year on Friday, August Highlights include the following:.

Review the Tentative Agreements. A copy of every section of this tentative agreement can be found on the CalHR webpage: Legislative review and ratification is underway now, and must be completed before the legislature departs for the year next Friday, August Worksite meetings are being scheduled to enable as many members as possible to express their views and get their questions answered.

Look for that schedule shortly. The CalHR Team was told that without a substantive compensation proposal worthy of consideration for ratification by all CAPS members, there will be no final agreement with Governor Brown before he leaves office.

Compensation for Advanced Degrees. Even with state service, Scientists are paid far less than other state professionals doing comparably complex work. The problem is especially egregious among State Scientists required to have a Masters, Ph.

None of them receive recognition or compensation for the additional time, effort and money required to achieve their advanced level specialty. Sacramento Staff Toxicologist Specialist Jimmy Spearow explains to CalHR the important roles that State Toxicologists have in making California a leader in Toxicology, and why compensation for Toxicologists is far below market minimums.

Los Angeles Senior Environmental Specialist Allison Shirer speaks with authority on the critical need for special salary adjustments for State Scientists who live and work in higher cost-of-living geographic regions in California.

Please help if you can. These leave credits may be donated as catastrophic leave: Sick leave credits cannot be transferred. Windell and CAPS extend our thanks in advance for your support! Get Paid To Bicycle. Participants must submit a quarterly claim form to their department for approval.

The payments are taxable. Late, Inadequate and Incomplete. Meanwhile, the cost of living as measured by the US Department of Labor is approximately 3. This would not be considered as compensation for the purposes of retirement contributions. None of this exists in the CalHR proposal. Agreement Reached on Non Discrimination. As a CAPS member, we value your input, and we need it!

So please, answer the following simple questionnaire and leave your comments. Find the questionnaire here. CAPSule on the Web. The latest issue is now posted on the CAPS webpage. Watch for the July issue in your mailbox soon!

Instead, after a few less important developments described below, the parties agreed to meet again next Tuesday, July That means salary equity, geographic differentials, emergency pay, uniform allowance, increases to business and travel expense reimbursements, professional society dues, etc. Especially troubling is to hear at this late date that the Governor and CalHR may yet propose changes to retirement benefits for State Scientists. One was a significant rollover of language allowing State Scientists to voluntarily reduce their work schedule in exchange for receiving Personal Leave credits.

This program MOU Section 3. This ensures that should there be any increase to the reimbursement amount, or the addition of other modes of non-motorized transportation, such as walking, that State Scientists will receive the benefit of the increase without having to wait until the next bargaining cycle.

Only members have access to a wide variety of member-only benefits. Only members qualify to receive quality discounted homeowners and renters insurance via Liberty Mutual. Only members get discounts on a wide variety of products, services, and amusement parks. Only members qualify for quarterly professional grants and annual dependent college scholarships.

CAPS gladly welcomes all state scientists as members. You to can invite your colleagues to join—nearly 8 out of 10 already have: There was yet again no salary offer from CalHR.

The message was made strongly and clearly: State Scientists are underpaid and underappreciated. That MUST be corrected immediately!

See the CAPS proposal here. CAPS also explored ways to ensure Hazardous Materials Specialists working for the Department of Corrections CDCR are paid what they are owed, and treated fairly in the conduct of their work in state correctional facilities.

CAPS is likely to propose new language at the next bargaining session to address this. Several tentative agreements were reached on Tuesday, none of them requiring additional funding from the state. This is a significant change from the current MOU, which permitted Governor Brown to implement unpaid furloughs during the third and final year of the MOU if authorized by the state Legislature.

Also effective will be the second of three equal annual contributions by the state and every state scientist to fund health benefits during retirement. That deduction will be an additional. Prefunding health benefits during retirement helps ensure that quality health benefits continue to be sustainable throughout your retirement years.

The final installment of 1.


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