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Rudyard Kipling Extended Criticism - Essay

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❶These different forms of imagery could have been written in order to make the reader imagine and dream.


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Rudyard Kipling (Full name Joseph Rudyard Kipling) English short story writer, poet, novelist, essayist, and autobiographer. The following entry provides an overview of Kipling's short fiction works.

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The Gardener By Rudyard Kipling It can be seen in "The Gardener" by Rudyard Kipling that the relationships are very complex. For example Helen Turrell, Michael Turrell and the gardeners relationship can be perceived in many different ways.

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Rudyard Kipling, born in Bombay, India on December 20, , is one of Britain's most famous writers, although his work never attracted the critical acclaim that writers like E.M. Forster, T.S. Eliot, and William Butler Yeats enjoyed. His reputation has suffered in contemporary times due to the. Kipling could possibly be showing the confusion in a boy’s head when entering manhood. The poem is almost constructed as an instructional manual, as the language of the poem is quite descriptive and somewhat instructional, yet mainly simple words are used throughout the poem.

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Born in India in , Kipling was sent to England at the age of six, there to undergo eleven years of formal Victorian education. He returned to India in , and for the next seven years worked as a reporter & soon turned to fiction writing. Speak about Kipling’s biography and its influence upon the creative works by the author. 2. Chelsea Quiambao ENC R. Gordon 27 February The poem by Rudyard Kipling titled “If” is the poem I chose to analyze. As I read this poem it caught my attention because it seems like a straightforward poem with no hidden message that is buried deep in it.