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Spanish Homework Help?

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❶Ok, so I'm trying to complete my online Spanish homework and I'm having a problem with one of the questions. Hide with Orthodox Christians to escape ; leave all electronics behind so that antichrist's minions can't track you.

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Nov 28,  · Spanish from Spain is significantly different from the one used in most Latin America, however in this particular exercise the distinction in not necessary. Anyway, it's giving you answers and asking you to write questions that would receive these Resolved.

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Aug 12,  · Best Answer: If you know the meaning of the word estudia in the english language you can actually understand the sentences better. Here are the meanings. a. estudio means studied b. estudias means studies c. estudia mean study d. estudiamos means we studied e. estudian means they studyStatus: Resolved.

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Jun 22,  · Ok, so I'm trying to complete my online Spanish homework and I'm having a problem with one of the questions. The directions are: Answer the questions in complete sentences using the cues. Follow the model, and remember to use correct capitalization and punctuation. The example for how to complete the questions is: Status: Resolved. Nov 28,  · I am to write a sentence based off the weather in the map. I have tried a few ways and I am missing something. Help. Example: ¿Hace buen tiempo en Madrid? Sí, en Madrid hace buen No, en Madrid no hace buen tiempo. I wrote the sentence, what I wrote and what the lesson is telling me I am wrong in () 1.¿Hace Status: Resolved.

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Apr 16,  · I'm struggling with my Spanish Homework PART A Preguntas Write a question for each situation using qué, cuál, or cuáles. Follow the model. Modelo Quieres saber la fecha de cumpleaños de tu novio. A. ¿Cuál es la fecha de tu cumpleaños? 1. Necesitas la definición de un flan. A: 2. Tu madre te pide que abras (you open) la Status: Open. Mar 06,  · 5 - Mi familia Inés is talking about her family. Complete her description with the correct possessive adjectives Somos cinco hermanos. Graciela, Teresa y Carmen son (1) mi Resolved.