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Virgin Atlantic Customer Service Phone Number

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❶Absolutely disgusting and so stressful.

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Virgin Atlantic Address
95 Virgin Atlantic Consumer Reviews and Complaints
Virgin Atlantic Airlines Address

The Virgin Atlantic supervisor at the check-in counter denied my family to check in and said we're too late and they'll work with Virgin Atlantic to book me in the next Delta flight DL 18 which was at They were able to find seats on Delta flight and talking to Virgin Atlantic to finalize the details.

After multiple calls with Virgin Atlantic reps and waiting for about 45 minutes the Virgin Atlantic supervisor told me that We could not go on the Delta flight because Virgin Atlantic refused to release the ticket to Delta. I agreed to take that flight and after waiting 30 minutes for confirmation my travel agent advised that Virgin is not allowing them to book that flight because Mumbai to Delhi flight was not Virgin Atlantic. After another 2 hours they were finally able to re-book me on a Virgin Atlantic flight on Dec 21st 5 days after my original departure of Dec 16th.

Had Virgin allowed me to take the Delta Flight at They have caused me and my my family financial and extreme mental anguish which should be compensated.

Virgin takes no responsibility and doesn't even want to discuss with me the situation leave aside. Very unfriendly customer service and utter disregard for their customers. I am a passenger needing wheelchair. There were four passengers needing wheelchair, one myself Business class and other 3 passengers were through ordinary class.

I had baggage which was also quite heavy and I was not able to carry. In fact, I was ripping because I was neither getting any help from Airport staff nor from Virgin Atlantic. Sorry to mention but this type of service I have never seen by any other airline. I have traveled by the other airlines also and would find that Cathay Pacific is the best when you land at Hong Kong, at the exit of the plane one gentleman is waiting to receive you with wheelchair and throughout they are helpful.

Next best would be Emirates. I have traveled many many times and they are very very cordial, helpful and extend full cooperation. Once I landed at Pusan airport by China Eastern and staff was just waiting to receive me and throughout they were very helpful. In your case this time when I asked Virgin Atlantic for help the answer I got from your staff at London Heathrow airport that airport staff is responsible and they are service provider not Virgin Atlantic.

Under the above situation I need to claim damages from you for suitable compensation. I have suffered a lot and because of back pain even I had not been able to work for almost 5 days. Thank you for your understanding. I have a long running dispute with Virgin Atlantic.

I cancelled the first flight of an Upper Class ticket family emergency and Virgin have repeatedly refused a refund. They claim that because I missed the first flight they cancelled the return flight.

As I paid for two flights there is no reason to not return the unused portion or allow an alternative booking. I took up the claim with the CAA but Virgin refused to cooperate with them.

The policy of Virgin Atlantic is a con. Virgin just keep all the profits and offer nothing in return. I am now pursuing a claim through the EU. The ticket was booked through Trailfinders UK who say this is nothing to do with them and all the fault of Virgin. I flew to London Heathrow.

Unfortunately someone else picked up my bag. But, that person returned my bag to Virgin within a day and a half. Virgin completely failed to deliver my bag to me so that I was on vacation for 10 days without my suitcase!! The incompetence of unable to deliver my bag was unreal. The real horror of it all is they have denied any reimbursement for my 10 days without a bag. They claim that since someone else originally picked up my bag, it is not their fault.

What they fail to understand and this is where the absolute terrible lack of customer service, is that they held my bag for 8 days. Yes, I understand for those couple days when someone else takes my bag, they will not reimburse, BUT what about all those other 8 days!! Not only do I have clothes expenses but also cell phone charges because had to constantly keep it on hoping to get a good update from Virgin.

I had to call them daily and incur international phone charges. They never called me. Not flying Virgin again. She left at 7: The flight was suppose to JFK at 3: We had followed the itinerary that was suggested by the organizers.

The flight arrived at 6: We had made several calls to Virgin Airways asking them if they can make some arrangements since the next Turkish Airline is the same time next day. Virgin Airways employees had lied to us on several occasions, suggesting the delay is for the reasons beyond our control.

Initially, they had told us, the delay was due to weather. When we had told them that can't be the case, they change their position to be mechanical failure. That meant my daughter had to spend at Starbucks for 36 hours. This is the ultimate of any parent.

The entire time we were treated like dirt. If you a person of color, stay away from Virgin Airways. Trust, we know what we are talking what. After booking a flight from JFK to London Delta -- code shared with Virgin Atlantic, when it came time to check in, the website informed us that we could not check in using the Delta website but had to go to the airport to get our boarding pass.

Having gotten used to the seamless, smooth and technologically up to date world of Delta, this is a throw-back to the dark ages of technology on Virgin. Travel is enough of an unpleasant experience that additional, unnecessary impediments are to be avoided. Last time we'll fly Delta to London on Virgin. My bag didn't make it on my flight on Wednesday and it was known before the flight left Heathrow - however - I had to find out by scurrying around JFK to find out what was happening and thereafter followed a long list of false information, no information and misinformation, which resulted in me thinking the bag was about to be delivered any minute and therefore I didn't purchase stuff and get on with it.

There is no ownership with any one person to help me get across this line. Virgin is treating me like no customer I have treated in my professional life and I think people should start to vote with their feet. They just don't care! We have been trying to use our air miles at Virgin for an upgrade.

All throughout Virgin site it boasts and brags about air miles and their use but when you try to use them it's a no. The site says you can get an upgrade subject to availability. In normal English one would understand that to mean that if seats are available then you could upgrade to one. They use this subject availability term all over the site - BUT tucked away in the small print it says that mileage seats availability is at the sole discretion of Virgin.

In other words you do not get to upgrade unless we say so and that will usually be towards the fight date when we know we can't sell the seat. Frankly we the customers are being misled to believe we can use our air miles easily which is frankly wrong. How many of us have not been able to use our air miles? On top of all this one must question the whole system of air miles. Presumably once the miles are issued they become a liability in the company accounts which means they reduce the company profit which means the airline pays less tax.

Over the years this liability must get to a very high figure which will never in fact be expended because we can't get to use our miles in the first place because the airline stops us and controls that expenditure. In other words it is a massive tax saving to the airline. Perhaps the Government should investigate these schemes where we are it seems given a gift that cannot be used whilst they get tax saving on that same gift that will probably never be used.

I have found that frankly I have been misled by the site and I am sure thousands more have too. The travel industry should investigate this too! My problem with Virgin was fairly trivial but it has revealed a couple of interesting points that might relate to some of the previous posts. I found that if you are booking flights with Virgin it can be a lot cheaper to make the booking through the Delta website. Apart from the fact that it's a much easier booking process, Delta don't add 1.

The difference can be pretty impressive. As for poor customer service? Sadly, that's just typical of all UK airlines. If it's any consolation BA are far worse. The airline attitude to passengers here is that they are simply 'walking cargo' and until that changes your experience flying on any UK-based airline is likely to be less than satisfactory. I've just flown on a BA transatlantic route that was so short-crewed. The passengers in the exit rows I was in one were told they were in charge of evacuation in an emergency - the crew jump seats by the exits weren't occupied.

We were travelling from South Africa via London to Miami. On arrival in Miami we were notified that our luggage has been left behind in London and we would receive in the next day or so. We were also advised to use dollars per person to buy all essential things needed! Our luggage got delivered to the hotel where we staying in about 4 days later after our departure and were unfortunately not present when it got dropped off!

Luggage was returned in an unacceptable state for an airline like Virgin. The bottom of the suitcase was destroyed. The wheels were torn off and the base was broken.

The second item of luggage was a backpack. This was wet, as were the contents of the bag. The locks, inner lining and zips were all broken and there were items missing from the bag as well! We contacted the baggage services with all necessary papers within the time frame but had maybe 2 replies and solution and that after over a year of the incident! My travel partner is travel agent as well and has never seen or heard of anything similar.

Consequences are for myself that I can certainly not recommend an airline like the aforementioned and that I will never use them again! After my previous posting, Delta gave me my SkyMiles benefits for the Virgin Atlantic portion of my trip: I complained directly to Delta and got results, but I do not know if I ever would have seen those benefits without filing a complaint.

Virgin Atlantic did not honor Delta's baggage allotment and I received neither medallion qualification miles nor medallion qualification dollars for the Virgin Atlantic portion of my flight. I later found out that the baggage rules were at the bottom of my six-page receipt. I could not choose my seat or check in through Delta's Website and also had to pay Virgin Atlantic to pre-book a window seat bad hip - helps to lean against the wall.

So far, I have not received any Delta medallion qualifying miles or dollars for the Virgin Atlantic leg of my trip. The next time I fly Delta, I will make sure not to book any portion of my trip on a Virgin Atlantic flight unless it is the only way to get me to or from where I have to travel on time.

Both times luggage was lost resulting in a HUGE inconvenience and disruption of our trip. The airline misrepresented multiple times as to when the luggage would be delivered. We were informed by the rental car company that this is an ongoing issue. I strongly recommend other airline choices unless you absolutely have to fly Virgin Atlantic. Cairns, Australia - Virgin Australia. Slipped on wet mat going to plane. Lost my job which paid k a year, offered me 50k. Has been 3 years already.

Have to go to court. That's a insult to my working life. No help from bhp and union. They say we don't try hard enough. Then they wanted to put me on a later flight that was grounded from the previous day because of a dodgy wing. Had to endure 2 hours delay then 9 hours of hell on the plane. Complained when I got back. They tried to fob me off with some vouchers that I will never use! Lynda from customer relations phoned me, offered no solution then started shouting at me down the phone.

When I asked for a copy of the call, it suddenly disappeared! They used to be so good. I've even met Richard Branson who was a lot more polite to me than his staff! She is 17yrs of age thus she was classified a minor in the airline.

This way she was allocated a child minder from Johannesburg to Chicago. I expected her to have a minder from Heathrow to Johannesburg but that was not the case. When she landed at OR, Tambo, she discovered that her luggage bag is been ripped off, the inside and outside zip has been broken and the lock is in situ still locked. The case had an orange Virgin Atlantic tape around it written" checked baggage" and the case is inserted in a plastic bag. This is disturbing because if there was anything the airline was querying or suspicious about, I feel she should have been there when her bag gets ransacked and her clothing items being roughly shoved into the bag as anything which she did not pack could have landed in that bag e.

Her shopping she did at Chicago is not in the bag. When we get to open and check the bag on arrival at home, a pair of her shoes is missing and she got 1 shoe from the other pair.

I'm disappointed by this and will think twice to fly Virgin Atlantic again or refer anybody to fly with your airline. My daughter was so excited and looking forward to this trip. Going, she was fine and happy and the care she got from the crew who flew out of SA with her was amazing but after leaving Chicago, she was not impressed. I've lodged a complaint with the customer relation and got automated message that someone will get back to me in 14 days. I haven't heard anything from anybody up to date 16 days down the line.

Virgin Atlantic and Delta check in in London Heathrow was chaotic. Before get in line to the check in counter, passengers have to get through security check in. However, the check in stand is set up in a way travelers can easily miss it. No one will stop you when you pass through the security check in. You only find out after you wait a long time and get to the counter. Now you have to go back to the security check in. And they ask silly questions like what do you do?

Where do you live? Where are places to go in your neighbourhood? After going through this, you have to go back in line to check in - yes, they want you to wait from the beginning again. After that the check in counter tells you that you have to check in from the machine first. Then you back to a machine, check in and get in line again! The airline damaged my 1 year old son's stroller on my way to a vacation destination.

At the airport they assured me that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. However, it has been 3 months already and I am still waiting for a refund. Throughout this time, I emailed multiple times and I get a response each time after 2 weeks. I am very disappointed at how they handled this issue especially that it is their crew who mishandled and damaged my stroller.

This is just beyond outrageous. No explanation, no keeping me in the loop of what is happening, 3 months has gone by and I have no money and no stroller.

I try to figure out why I can't print my boarding pass on my second leg of my flight with British Airway. I called customer service and was camp on some noise elevator music for about two hours. I don't know if Sir Richard Branson ever listen to your own on call music. It sound so distorted that nothing can be understood.

Lousy message plug British accent make the message impossible to understand. Richard, try dialing into your own customer service and find out what a screw up operation you have. Sadly it was great 20 years ago when we tried it but it has evolved into some of the worst experience I had. Thanks a lot to Sir Richard Branson. I have two complaints, but will list them separately On a transatlantic flight, Virgin's baggage handlers broke our stroller by bending the frame on the right rear wheel so stroller can't be pushed straight or without enormous effort now.

They also lost our cup holder attachment and a bag that went around the handles for storage. I made the claim at the baggage desk with a person named Gerald and he said to call back in days to see about the status, but usually 'they just say to purchase a new one and submit the receipt.

The person I spoke to, named Ian, told me that a claim was never made and that they only allow claims made within 7 days. I'm now having to submit the claim by email hoping I still held on to my ticket and luggage tag, which they require as additional proof along with the receipt for my purchase and an estimate for replacement.

Ian who claimed to be the only manager available at the time of the call was defiant that they only accept claims sent within 7 days but I could try to email their baggage claim team anyway and they would investigate it. I am so livid with this, given all that we spent to fly premium economy so our child could meet his British relatives, to have his stroller and my trust in Virgin completely ruined.

I doubt I will hear back from anyone at Virgin but I wanted to put it out there as I hope no one else has to suffer like I did. And last but not least, I would have forgotten all this and put it behind me if I had our claim handled as I was lead to believe it was, and we had our new stroller in hand.

Founded in by Richard Branson, the owner of legendary record label Virgin Records, this airline started with a single plane. More than three decades later, Virgin Atlantic is now the second-largest long-haul airline in the UK. Also, if you want to register your complaints for lost property or material, then call at Virgin Atlantic Airlines Customer Service no and you can also email your issues at Virgin Atlantic Airlines Customer Service email id.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines Customer Service number are given here in beneath segment by customer-carenumber. For telephone enquiries relating to mobility or medical assistance, just contact the respective Special Assistance team on the Virgin Atlantic Airlinescontact number relating to your country of departure. If you are still facing any doubts than you can contact with this reputed organization by visiting or sending your feedback on the respective address.

Virgin Atlantic Head Quarters Address. Check out the registered office of this Airline and get to know more about its services. You can also use the below presented contact number for more detailed information.

If you want to interact with the service providers, you can visit the following social media links. You can also follow the locators through online mode by using these social sites links. The vision of this group is to satisfy the customers from its services and facilities. The Company Head office address of different countries is given to you below in the tabular form.

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