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Types of Basic Electrical Circuits and Uses

As we know that inside a conductor, there are so many free electrons, which are moving in the random directions. In this situation, the free electrons, which are moving in the random direction, do not constitute any electric current in the circuit because the effect of one electron balances by the other.

Now in the influence of electric field, the electrons are drifted in a particular direction. The positive terminal of the battery attracts the electrons, so they move from negative terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the battery.

As we know that the direction of flow of current is opposite to the direction of flow of electrons, so in the circuit the direction of flow of current is from positive terminal of the battery to the negative terminal of the battery. As the battery is discharged the potential difference across both the ends of the battery is same so that the electric current flows in the circuit is zero. Thus, we conclude that, in an electrical circuit, the electric current flows from higher potential level to lower potential level by means of electrons.

The standard unit to measure the electric current is ampere. The electrical instrument ammeter can measure electric current flowing in any circuit. Let us see about introduction of electric circuits,. An electric circuit is known as network which has a closed loop and produces a back way to the current.

A network is a connection of two or more components, and may not essentially act as a circuit. It is a link of electrical components. These are resistor, capacitor and sources etc. Let us see about introduction of an electric circuits,.

In introduction of these networks, it having the following elements,. Transmission lines which is defined by algebraic and transform methods to find out DC response, AC response, and transient response. Let us see about introduction about laws in electric circuits,. The addition of all currents incoming a node is equal to the sum of all currents outgoing the node.

The directed addition of the electrical potential differences about a loop has to be zero. While stable temperature, the voltage crossways a resistor is equal to the multiplication of the resistance and the current flowing through it. The sources with resistors in a network are equal to a parallel connection of current source and resistor. The sources with resistors in a network are equal to a series connection of voltage source and resistor.

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What is an electrical circuit?

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