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Adderall May Not Make You Smarter, But It Makes You Think You Are

Does adderall help with writing papers

❶The last time I took it, I was on it for a year and a half 10 mg tablet or 20mg release and the first month after I stopped taking it, I was very close to being fired from my job. If you begin to factor in Adderall to your study habits, you will lose sense of what you can achieve sober.

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Will adderall really help me write my term paper?
Welcome to Reddit,

So she started taking Adderall. She made a list of steps, did the steps, had a great show, sold a bunch of paintings. So she comes back to her doctor, and is like, "Doc, this is great, but now I sit down to paint, and it's like, I've got no ideas!

Creativity and focus are impacted by Adderall differently for different people. I would personally encourage you to think about how it effects youself, and use that knowledge to decide when to take it and when not to take it. In addition, I would encourage you to try to seek out new organization skills while using Adderall to help keep you focused on the tasks you do.

Wanted to add, Ive never taken it to cram a paper in during the evening. Its more of a '"hey, lets take this shit to get other shit done" type of thing. I'm simply a better writer, period--a better poet, too. Make fewer wacky connections but that is made up for with sheer brainpower and focus which allow me to "grab" more ideas and connections and make good use of them.

It actually doesn't feel like I'm writing any worse when I'm unmedicated, but I am, and when I put the two writing samples side-by-side I can see an obvious difference. I can't speak to Adderall, but both Ritalin and Cylert left me pretty incapable of writing -- both shut down my ability to daydream and be creative. I think I could do those things medicated, and if in your shoes I would give it a try.

I'm a computer programmer by day, and a graphic novel artist by night. When I'm off my meds, I become a great artist and can draw some pretty amazing comics, using perspectives and point-of-views that I've never tried before, or techniques that are new to me. My art is usually bolder in color or depict a greater emotional state. If I make a mistake, I go with the flow and integrate it into my work, mostly because I don't have the patience to fix it.

However, I have a lot of difficulty working on one aspect of a page, or the entire page itself, for extended periods of time. Consequently, my pieces usually don't have a lot of detail in them, and usually never get finished in one sitting, if at all.

My programming skills, when I'm off my meds, aren't so hot. I have a lot of difficulty problem-solving or understanding long-term ramifications of some pieces of my code. I also have a tendency to be less precise and make a lot more programming errors. If the project I'm working on has several different parts to it, I'll usually jump around from part to part, programming only the essentials with the intention to come back later and fill in the details.

Compared to when I'm on my meds, I'm more likely to crank-out a working proto-type faster, but it's usually very buggy and doesn't have all the features included just yet. On the flip side, I also tend to generate more creative code, or make flashy programs that look super awesome and edgy. Unfortunately, like my art, when I'm off my meds I usually can't program for more than an hour or two. When I'm ON my meds, my comics tend to become a little more I don't know if anyone notices it except me, but I feel that my art is less creative and less soulful.

It takes me much longer to immerse myself into my art, and imagine myself as of one of my story characters. I guess you could say I feel a little disconnected to my characters and have difficulty putting myself in their shoes. Conjuring up fictional places are just as difficult. When I make a mistake in my art, I actually take the time to fix it and make it right. I am also more likely to create characters with consistent behavior or actions because I actually take the time to think about them.

Most noticeably I think , I am much more likely to create VERY detailed pieces and actually finish entire comic pages. When I program on my meds, I become a much more methodical worker, and have the patience to work on each section of code, one after the other, until it's all been commented and bug-tested. It tends to take me much longer to get a program up and running, but that's because I'm be very thorough and make sure things get done right. And I can sit down and learn new programming concepts, or code libraries, until I fully understand it, rather than getting bored and moving on to a different subject.

If you were to ask whether I like myself on my meds or off my meds, I'd say I like them both. Each side has its own personal advantages and disadvantages, and I think I need them both to stay employed and stay sane at the same time. If I'm on my meds for too many days straight, I start to get uptight, nit-picky and cranky. However, when I'm off my meds for too long, I start to miss deadlines, personal dates, and I become a horribly distracted driver.

As a side note, I've gotten in a few car accidents due to my ADHD, so it's very important that I take my meds on days that I anticipate driving a lot, or a lot of heavy traffic.

So, on weekdays, when I go to work, I usually take my meds, otherwise I'd probably get fired for browsing the internet too much, or for not producing enough work. On weekends, I usually decide in advance whether I want to take my meds or not. Some weekends I want to be creative and stay indoors, so I don't go on my meds.

Other weekends, I really want to learn something new, or I need to be at some event that requires my undivided attention like a wedding , so I'll take my meds. In the year since I started taking Adderall, I've written a 50k-word novel, a 30k-word novella, half a dozen short stories and a bunch of fanfiction. Of the short stories, I've had two published in literary magazines and two published at pro rate.

I don't think my writing is different in tone or style from what I was writing before, but now I have the wherewithal to finish things, and the drive to get them published. Thanks for all the great responses! I really appreciate your thoughts. When I write something on vyvanse, ritalin or adderall, I'm really passionate about it in the moment. I can write for 10 hours straight.

But I can also get the same amount of work done if I just try to live a balanced life, get enough sleep, exercise and avoid stress. I really can't relate to people when I'm on stimulants. I don't get jokes this almost never happens to me when I don't take them , physical affection feels weird, and conversations feel they either need to last 5 seconds or 5 hours. I would say next time have someone proof read your paper before turning it in.

You spelled "guaranteed" wrong in your question, and I think you meant to use conscientious, not consciousness. If you made mistakes like that in your paper, I could see why you would've gotten a B.

Adderall can help you focus if you have attention deficit disorder. If not, it will give you energy, and possibly even a greater sense of self than normal. Especially if you do not take it regularly. I wouldn't take it next time, instead, write your paper ahead of time so that you don't feel so rushed as to jeopardize your health by taking a medication that was not prescribed for you.

Yea, it keeps you focused and consentrated, but its not a magical "enhancing" pill- its suppose to change your behavior and actions related to ADD The choice is always yours. You also run the risk of getting into bad habits, as in waiting till the last minute and using adderall to get you through writing papers.

It will probably help this time, but your work will be better if you do it ahead of time and have time to review. As far as weight loss, what really happens is the amphetamines suppress your appetite. So if this is a one time deal, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Its when you are taking it regularly that you have be slightly more cautious about your diet, but even then, I have never seen anyone have any true issues with weight because of adderall.

You think that you are distracted now? If you take an Adderall, you are going to want to run to the end of the street that you live on just for the hell of it. I would not recommend it. Good luck with your paper. Great answers, just what I was looking for.

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Apr 07,  · But dam, Adderall is amazing. I took a 20mg XR 2 hours ago and I'm blasting through an essay on Napoleon Bonaparte I've been meaning to do for 3 weeks. It's an 8 page midterm paper for the community college i go to so it's not that hard but still my mind is dialed in to everything. So far I've got 3 pages done and they are pretty good. Nov 17,  · Adderall is composed of amphetamine salts. Basically is a lesser form of speed. And yes, it may help you focus on your paper. In my experience, all it helps you do is focus. You choose what to focus on. I once played solitaire for 5 straight hours. The choice is always Resolved.

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Help with statistics coursework homework help k 12 buy college application essays georgia does adderall help with writing papers essay money can39t buy happiness. Essay written in the first person about the author life cv writing service singapore term paper order custom essay generator. Writing With Adderall: A Personal Case Study. So if there’s something I can do that will help me provide better tools and resources for people, I definitely want to consider it. and then I started out using Adderall more frequently in college to be able to write papers more effectively, but after awhile I got to a point where I couldn.