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Top 6 Steps Involved in Operation Research – Explained!

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❶Operations research is often concerned with determining the maximum of profit, performance, or yield or minimum of loss, risk, or cost of some real-world objective.

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After applying the solution, observe response of the system. A control over the solution is established by proper feedback. Your email address will not be published. Sanjay Biyani Director Dr. Download Admission Form Rajasthan Technical University Ph. August 26, In: Uncategorized 1 Comment Print Email. Previous Wireless Network Security Threats. Next Modeling in Operation Research. Sunil Kumar April 22, at Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

Latest News at College. Implementation of the Solution. Quantitative basis for decision making is provided to managers by O. Operation research, like a scientific research is based on scientific methodology which involves following steps. In formulating a problem for O. Out of the above four components environment is most comprehensive as it provides a setting for the remaining three.

The operation researcher shall attend conferences, pay visits, send observation and perform research work thus succeeds in getting sufficient data to formulate the problems. Once the project is approved by the management, the next step is to construct a model for the system under study.

The operation researcher can now construct the model to show the relations and interrelations between a cause and effect or between an action and a reaction. Now the aim of operation researcher is to develop a model which enables him to forecast the effect of factors crucial to the solution of given problem. The proposed model may be tested and modified in order to work under stated environmental constraints. A model may also be modified if the management is not satisfied by its performance.

A solution may be extracted form a model either by conducting experiments on it i. No model will work appropriately if the data is not appropriate. Such information may be available from the results of experiments or from hunches based on experience. The date collection can clearly effect the models output significantly. Operation researcher should not assume that once he has defined his objective and model, he has achieved his aim of solving the problem.

The required data collection consumes time to prepare if data collection errors are to be minimized. As has been pointed out earlier a model is never a perfect representation of reality. The usefulness or utility of a model is checked by finding out how well it predicts the effect of these changes. Such an analyze is usually known as sensitivity analysis. The utility or validity of the solution can be verified by comparing the results obtained without applying the solution with the results obtained when it is used.

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Operations research originated during World War II with the military's need for a scientific method of providing executive departments with a quantitative decision-making basis/5(2).

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Operations Research Methodology. Solving an Operations Research (OR) problem is not a linear process, but the process can be broken down into five general steps: Describing the problem; Formulating the OR model; Solving the OR model; Performing some analysis of the solution; Presenting the solution and analysis.

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Methodology of operation Research/General approach to solve a problem in operations research. Methodology of Operations Research The systematic methodology developed for O.R. study with problems involving conflicting multiple objectives policies and alternatives.

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The six methodology involves in operation research are as follows: 1. Formulating the Problem 2. Constructing a Model to Represent the System under Study 3. Deriving Solution from the Model 4. Testing the Model and the Solution Derived from it 5. Establishing Controls over the Solution 6. Implementation of the Solution. Methodology of Operation Research: Quantitative basis for decision making is provided to managers by O.R. it enhances a manager’s ability to make long range plans and to solve the routine problems of running a enterprise/concern OR is a systematic and logical approach to provide a rational footing for taking decisions.