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Sample Nonprofit Business Plans

Basic Format of a Business plan

❶This description includes the services the nonprofit offers and which group, or segment, of the community the nonprofit organization benefits. Print it out, put up posters on your office walls, read from it during your team meetings.

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What’s the difference between business planning and strategic planning?

The appendix contains helpful additional information that might not be suitable for the format of your business plan i. Click here to gain access to the document. Many nonprofits start out with passion and enthusiasm, but without a proper business plan. However, a nonprofit is a type of business, and many of the same rules that apply to a for-profit company also apply to a nonprofit organization. As outlined above, your nonprofit business plan is a combination of your marketing plan, strategic plan, operational plan, impact plan, and financial plan.

While your vision, values and mission will likely remain the same, your nonprofit business plan may need to be revised from time to time. Keep your audience in mind and adjust your plan as needed. Print it out, put up posters on your office walls, read from it during your team meetings. Business plans are dead — or are they? Why do we need a Nonprofit Business Plan? To sum it all up, write a nonprofit business plan to: Lay out your goals and establish milestones.

Better understand your beneficiaries, partners, and other stakeholders. Attract a board and volunteers. Position your nonprofit and get clear about your message.

Force you to research and uncover new opportunities. Iron out all the kinks in your plan and hold yourself accountable. Who is your audience? If you are interested in fundraising, donators will be your audience. If you are interested in partnerships, potential partners will be your audience. What do you want their response to be? Depending on your target audience, you should focus on the key message you want them to receive in order to get the response that you want. Data Collection Before even getting started with the writing collect financial, operating, and other relevant data.

Heart of the Matter You are a nonprofit after all! Outline Create an outline of your nonprofit business plan. Products, Programs, and Services In this section, provide more information on exactly what your non-profit organization does.

What products, programs, or services do you provide? How does your non-profit benefit the community? What need does your nonprofit meet and what are your plans for meeting that need? Marketing Plan A marketing plan is essential for a nonprofit to reach its goals.

This includes your target audience, competitors, beneficiaries, donors, and potential partners. Outline your plan for reaching your beneficiaries.

Outline your marketing activities, highlighting specific outcomes. Operational Plan An operational plan describes how your nonprofit plans to deliver activities. Impact Plan For a nonprofit, an impact plan is as important as the financial plan.

Answer these in the Impact plan section of your business plan: How can you best achieve those goals through a series of specific objectives? Financial Plan This is one of the most important parts of your nonprofit business plan. To craft your financial plan: Include an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and financial projections.

Include your fundraising plan. Identify gaps in your funding, and how you will manage them. Plan for what will be done with a potential surplus. Include startup costs, if necessary.

Executive Summary Normally written last but placed first in your business plan, your nonprofit executive summary provides an introduction to your entire business plan. Appendix Include extra documents in the section that are pertinent to your nonprofit: Write clearly, using simple and easy-to-understand language.

Get to the point, support it with facts, and then move on. Include relevant graphs and program descriptions. Include an executive summary. Provide sufficient financial information. Customize your business plan to different audiences. Stay authentic and show enthusiasm. Make the business plan too long. Use too much technical jargon. Overload the plan with text. Gush about the cause without providing a clear understanding of how you will help the cause through your activities.

Keep your formatting consistent. Nonprofits cannot make a profit or distribute dividends, so this portion of the plan is a plan on how the organization intends on using the projected donation amounts. Nonprofits can establish an endowment, which is a special account where the organization can deposit excess funds for future use.

Kristie Lorette started writing professionally in Skip to main content. Tips A business plan for a nonprofit corporation is typically a tool for running the organization and for obtaining grants. When your organization applies for a grant, most grant agencies require you to provide a copy of a business plan for your nonprofit corporation as part of the grant application. When you have a clear, concise nonprofit corporation business plan to detail the purpose of the organization and how it operates, it increases the success chances the organization has, and helps to obtain the financing the organization needs to fulfill its mission.

References 3 Grow Think: Nonprofit Business Plan Nonprofit Expert: Business Plan Learningto Give. About the Author Kristie Lorette started writing professionally in Photo Credits business plan 1 image by pablo from Fotolia. Accessed 14 September Small Business - Chron.

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Business Planning for Nonprofits: What It Is and Why It Matters (Bridgespan) How do I write a business plan for a nonprofit organization? (The Foundation Center).

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Aug 27,  · How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan. by: Angelique O'Rourke funding. This article is part of our For now, read on, and revisit the executive summary business plan section when you’re finished writing your plan. Problem and solution/5(82).

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OGScapital provides support in a non profit business plan writing, we create the plans for non profit organizations. Phone: (USA), (UK) or you can fill out the form on our website! Sample and template are available. How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan. J.D. Freelance Writer. How to Write a Nonprofit Business Plan. by Belle Wong, J.D., October When you had the idea of starting a nonprofit, you might not have envisioned yourself working on a business plan for your new nonprofit corporation.

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How To Write A Business Plan For A Nonprofit Organization Posted by Dodd Caldwell · Apr 4, Writing a business plan for a new nonprofit is essential, and this guide will show you exactly what to include and how to put it together. Business plan formats for nonprofits vary according to the type of organization, but several elements are universal. Executive Summary This is a concise overview of your entire business plan.