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The Homework Battle: How to Get Children to Do Homework

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❶That is, until a text input revolution emerges… Tablets with physical keyboards, on the other hand, could make great laptop replacements.

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A tablet like the Transformer should become a laptop, running a full linux build, when connected to the keyboard dock. This should be a stock feature for android.

Maybe Windows 8 will fufill this fantasy before Android. If it does it well Android may finally have a real competitor. I think that eventually laptops will go the way of the dinosaur as tablets become more and more powerful. My daughter would love to have a tablet to carry to class instead of a laptop. Laptops are portable but gets heavy lugging it across campus all day. Especially with all of these quad-core tablet rumors coming out, I totally believe that I will soon replace my laptop with a tablet.

I am also very excited for that day to come. I really only have to do basic word processing on my laptop, so I think that I could probably already replace it with a transformer or the slider if it ever comes out. I just got a bunch of big, fat textbooks too which barely fit in my backpack. It would be nice to carry a 1. I would think that tablets are a natural for students. Our local high school here in town Clearwater High School has issued kindles in place of textbooks to all the students this year.

Can moving all the lessons to the tablet be far behind? It just makes more sense, is greener and homework is easily turned in and graded with right infrastructure in place. In the days of yore the childern used an individual slate at their desk.

So whats so different in Generation-M? Technology finally caught up to us…. So right now now, but hopefully soon….

I have not jumped on the tablet wagon yet, but I do agree that tablets are very quickly catching up with laptops. I am open to the concept of tablets to replace laptops but I believe a windows based tablet would be the most appropriate choice for young students due to the fact that there are inappropriate for the classroom applications available on Android, iPad, and Blackberry devices.

My self, I believe the Asus Transformer would be a second option due to the attachable keyboard. I find it hard to see tablets replacing laptops for students.

To really effectively take notes, you kind of need a physical keyboard. Adding a keyboard to a tablet just makes it a disassembled laptop. It takes a little more to make it work for power usage, but the keyboard dock of the transformer make it much more useful and able to replace a laptop. I have been using an iPad for school for a bit now. Like others have said, a keyboard is huge for note taking. There needs to be an easy way to pack a really keyboard. Stronger Word compatible programs are needed too.

I need different headers and styles for my anthro classes vs my polysci classes vs other ge classes. A real laptop with the full versions of word or pages is still required for me. Lastly Ethernet ports are still a necessity. This summer term I did I study abroad in china, and took only my iPad. Also, mobile safari freaks out sometimes when a login page is required before access to the Internet is granted. I love my Xoom and I use it all the time..

There is a lack of productive applications for tablets thus far that I think limits their usefulness when compared to a laptop. Too much of a hassle. I still think the normal laptop is better, although a tablet might be easier.

I work on Laptops and Tablets, and i am going to school online for my masters degree, i have tried to work strictly on a tablet for a week and see how it did and to many times i get irritated and want my laptop, there is incompatibly issues with many things and tablet browsers are another issue for example my school site will not work on the tab I have to go with the laptop.

Tablets are great for travel and short tasks. If you need to do heavy duty work, you really still need a laptop. Tablets can only replace computers if the tablet can do everything that the computer would need to do.

OneNote made up the bulk of my netbook usage during school. However, when it comes to writing papers, as far as I know, none of the word editing applications support the academic formats, such as APA or MLA. But in general, the day-to-day tasks can be completed in a better manner if it is on a tablet I would say! At this point I would have to say no, they do not replace laptops.

The tablets are great for entertainment purposes but the reliability and the ease of use of laptops do not compare to the tablets at this point. Who knows maybe in the near future they will replace laptops when the software catches up and becomes more stable. With the new keyboard docking stations for tablets, tablets seem to be becoming a more viable alternative, not just something for touchscreen games and web browsing!

There is one reason and one reason only why a Tablet cannot replace a laptop. It would be a huge revenue stream for Microsoft to have a cloud based Office OS that you could rent for. And with Windows 8 coming out, and their recent acquisition of Skype, it looks like Microsoft is here to stay.

Sure, Office is the most used but there is definitely other options that will allow people to use a tablet. I think it really all depends on the class and the student.

For instance, some lecture classes may have a lot of notes at the end of the day, and a tablet simply cannot withstand the typing speed of a laptop unless using a keyboard dock. So I think, tablet hardware and accessories is definitely one boundary.

On the other hand, classes where notes are not the core of the class, and other things like organization, and quick notes then the tablet could definitely replace the laptop. I know for myself, a tablet could definitely replace my laptop. I take short hand notes, and could easily use freehand software for doing that. Best option ever because regular laptops take up too much space in your backpack and are too heavy to lug around campus along with all your books. I currently have an Ipad 1st generation.

I am curious about the new tablets and what they can do. Tablets are luxury items for the most part and were introduced essentially as toys. Until you can show me one practical, educational thing that a tablet lacking a physical keyboard can do that my cellphone or my laptop cannot do, tablets as portable devices will remain nothing more than toys.

That is, until a text input revolution emerges…. Tablets with physical keyboards, on the other hand, could make great laptop replacements. Asus has the right idea. They are perhaps the one tablet manufacturer that seemed to actually sit down and try to make a practical tablet at a reasonable price unlike others who seemed to see the ipad and produce an inherently impractical device because Apple was making a profit.

The galaxy tab, on the other hand, was incredibly similar to the ipad and served as a great alternative for those who wanted the luxury item without eating the bourgeois apple.

The only tablet I can maybe see taking the place of a lap top is an iPad. Maybe if you could install Microsoft Office or Apple desktop applications. But as the market is now, no.

I think it will take some time before tablets replacing laptop. But then technology never fails to amaze you. Too many programs require Windows that are needed for projects for school. A tablet can work well in conjunction with a laptop to use for many other research type things and for easier portability and use.

There are only a few things that one cannot do on an android powered tablet in school. Like 3D modeling and animation. But who cares for that? The usual stuff taking notes, learning can definitely be done with a tablet and the portability and touch screen makes it a better choice.

The instant-on capability is one of the greatest assets — you can just bring it right to your textbook or note-taking app for each class without having to power down or even hibernate between classes like you would with a laptop.

I think the iPad or tablet is a great concept for school, especially if the text book companies get on board and port all their books to the tablet format and lower their prices. Education and the costs interleaved with it are and have been out of control. It does have flash its an optional choice… I think it will… because in some air port by the end of this year will replace on board T. V s with 6, samsung galaxy tab In my opinion, tablets can be used for laptop replacement in certain areas.

But even with all these great features, they still lack in certain areas. Like, certain college majors require some additional applications that only works laptops, not tablets. Hopefully Windows 8 can take care of that problem. I can definitely see tablets replacing laptops in the future, if they can remedy the touch keyboard. Yes you could just attach a keyboard, but then that sort of defeats the whole point of tablet vs laptop.

Tablets can replace a laptop especially that they are getting better and faster like the ASUS transformer it supports Android which is a huge plus and you can download apps to give you better tools for school and daily activity.

I strongly feel that technology and education go hand in hand, especially since I attended one of the first campuses to actually provide all their students with laptops. Especially since I feel there are several things still missing from this equation before it could ever be used as the sole piece of working equipment in classrooms.

I think the point here is that someday tablets will take over but for now laptops are still the computer we should buy. Is there a way to download school software to a tablet? The software I am referring to is an online algebra software, required for homework and quizes.

More specifically best iPad apps in terms of usability, ability to hold interest, artwork, music and sounds, and value for money. There is lot of kids apps on the market already. In fact, there are so many, it takes some effort to find the best ones. There seems to be an endless amount of pair matching games and puzzles but not that many kids apps with original ideas. Tablets are useless until only thing you need is facebook, music, photos, and some games.

No engineer will work on this Mickey-Mouse Cinema. Will be there for some people but will never replace the PCs. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 0 shares. They just feel so… limited. Yes especially with a keyboard like the transformer! Still trying to decide this. I definitely think the table are good fits for a student.

I think you can absolutely replace a laptop with a tablet. I believe that Windows 8 could be the solution. I think a tablet is moving towards being able. That degree majoring in…Bation? This would be awesome to win!!!

Would love to win this! That is, until a text input revolution emerges… Tablets with physical keyboards, on the other hand, could make great laptop replacements. Google docs, Sun Micro Office…. Tablets are better laptops with no one knew til now. Home Free Guitar Course. Homework - Fleetwood Mac Back Video and audio performances by our users 0. Solo's are not tabbed, for they differ everytime. Suggestions for improvements, send to: About the artist behind Homework: From the band's inception through the end of , no incarnation of Fleetwood Mac lasted as long as two years.

The only member present in the band from the very beginning is its namesake drummer Mick Fleetwood. Bassist John McVie, despite his giving part of his name to the band, did not play on their first single nor at their first concerts.

Keyboardist Christine McVie has, to date, appeared on all but two albums, either as a member or as a session musician and also supplying the artwork for the album Kiln House.

The two most successful periods for the band were during the late s British blues boom, when they were led by guitarist Peter Green; and from , with more pop-orientation, featuring Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

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