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Warriors Don T Cry Essay


❶She was notorious for attacking and excommunicating friends and allies for minor ideological deviations, or even things like preferring Mozart to Rachmaninoff.

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Warriors Dont Cry Essay
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How could one be contented living in a society where they are looked down upon? Melba had to face this in school. Teachers looked down upon her and other colored people and felt that they were inferior to white students. Finally, a plan was proposed. It stated that during the to school year, the senior high school would be integrated or put together. Then after the junior high would be integrated and lastly elementary schools.

Seventeen black students out of hundreds of blacks were chosen to begin the integration process. Amongst them was Melba. The town went into uproar. Acts of violence were committed towards African- Americans and racism seemed to be on the rise more than ever before. Most of the black students chose to stay at Horace Mann in fear of being attacked but a few of the brave ones defied society and chose to be desegregated. On the first day of desegregation, the governor of Arkansas sent the National Guardsmen to go around the school and keep African-Americans from getting in.

The black students didn't make it to school that day. The following day before even reaching the door steps of the school, the black students were spat upon, mocked, and had sharp objects thrown at them. Some were even physically beaten.

Melba describes the feelings of hurt when she saw how cruel racism can really be. The author goes on to describe discrimination during that time period and the emotional scars it left on black people. That Monday, Melba and the other black students go to school.

Someone in the office proposes giving the crowd one child to kill so the others can escape, but the assistant chief of police smuggles all nine of them out. The next day, Melba stays home. President Eisenhower pledges to send in the military to protect the students and prevent mob rule. The next day, the st Airborne Division arrives. Each child is assigned a protector that accompanies him or her everywhere. A few months later, some of the students attempt to meet with white students to foster understanding, but that meeting fails as well.

Melba is attacked in the showers by a group of white girls who hold her under scalding hot water. President Eisenhower withdraws the military, and the students are forced to rely on the National Guard for protection. One of the students, Minnijean is attacked in the lunchroom and throws chili on two of the boys who attacked her.

She is suspended but eventually allowed to return to school. When she is attacked again, she is expelled for fighting. Melba is attacked in the same fashion, but she is saved by a boy named Link. He gives her keys to his car so that she can escape and she returns his car later that night. They become friends while Judge Davies is removed from all further suits and replaced by an Arkansas judge. Melba and Link find help for his black nanny, whom he believes has tuberculosis.

It is close to the end of the school year, and the segregationists are working hard to prevent the oldest student, Ernie, from graduating. She agrees but knows that she will not follow through on her promise. After school ends, the nine go on a tour of the northern states where they are treated as heroes.

However, the integration efforts in Little Rock are crumbling.

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Warriors Dont Cry Essay - Warriors Don’t Cry Melba Pattillo Beals- A junior when she entered Central High School, Melba did a lot of growing up that year. With the Supreme Court overturning their decision, the same day of that decision, on her way home from school she was attacked and almost raped. She endured a lot of harassment that year.

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In the novel, Warriors Don't Cry, the author, Melba Pattillo Beals, describes what her reactions and feelings are to the racial hatred and discrimination she and eight other African American teenagers receive in Little Rock, Arkansas during the Civil Rights movement in These nine students.

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Free Essay: In her memoir Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba Pattillo Beals describes her experiences as she became one of the first nine black students educated in. In Warriors Don’t Cry, Melba had both internal and external problems, which caused her to have the idea of giving up. Some internal problems that Melba faced were staying strong, trying to stay alive, and her best friend moving away.

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Essay on Warriors Don't Cry The definition of a warrior is someone who is brave and experienced as a soldier or fighter. A warrior is someone who battles with whatever situation they happen to be in. Traits that warriors have are . Free Essay: Melba Pattillo Beals', Warriors Don't Cry In the book Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals, the author describes what her reactions and.