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Or you can use their problem and propose a better solution to their problem. Or if you want to find some ideas of problems that are more applied, you may talk with expert in the industry, etc. I really have to commend you Philippe for continuing to respond to comments over a year and a half later!

This blog post was very helpful. I have already been reading quite a bit of literature and I am running into the problem of having too many interests. I just have to focus on one and go with it. Hi, sorry for not answering you the first time. I have been a little bit busy recently. First, thank you for coming back to this website! Doing research is hard… it is not always easy to find new ideas. Sometimes, it may takes times to find something interesting. Or sometimes, we may have a new idea but if may fails or provide bad results.

The more you do research, the easier it will get. Yes, it is possible to combine two methods to get a new method. But it should make sense to combine the two methods. We should not just combine two methods for combining two methods. For example, combining naive bayes and SVM may not make sense depending on what you are doing. Also, combining two methods does not mean that you will get better results. Moreover, if you combine two methods, but the combination is straightforward, then maybe that it is not a significant contribution because it may be too simple.

If you are working on a new language, then you may try to find what challenges are specific to this language. If you can identify some new challenges for your target language than you may find a way to adress these specific challenges and it could be your contribution. If you work hard enough you should find some new ideas. But sometimes I become hopeless. I think maybe opinion mining a research area that there I cant continue it because the are so many research about it and is not possible to find a new method.

I would like to do my undergraduate thesis on Data Mining. I have read several article on it still I am little bit confused about it. However, I would like to do my thesis on Data Mining specifically on Social Networking site like — facebook or twitter. However, I need your suggestions how to start working on them.

It would be really great if you could provide me some suggestions. I am looking forward to hear from you. Hi, Thanks for commenting on this blog post. In your thesis, you need to do something that other people did not do yet or do something better faster, more accurate than what they are doing. So you need to know what they are doing. Either you try to collect your own data. Then you should try to work with the API provided b;y twitter etc.

This s important because you need data to do your research and dependng on what your data contains you may or may not be able to do some research project related to social network mining. So to start with, im helping my friend to find good reference in finding the thesis topic. Then she may like e-learning topics.

I am student in computer scince. I would like to do my undergraduate thesis on Data Mining , I want to use wireshark to collect data from intranet small lan univercity and track the movement about ip and protocols and use data mining tools to know types of protocols and IPs and content of massages, I need your suggestions how to start working on them.

But the most important in a data mining project is always to have data. You may try to collect some data to see the feasability. Besides, what is even most important is to read what other people have done about applying data mining or machine learning techniques to analyse network data.

There are some people who have work on this topic before. You need to read at least briefly their paper to see what they have done. This is important because in research, it is expected that you will do something new that other people did not do, or something better than what other people did. Hi, I have a data-set of feature. I use svm and naive bayes for classification. I want to know why svm and NB got different result and why using different feature cause different too.

Different techniques gives different results. Why is a difficult question to answer. You may need to make several experiments with your data to find out why. And as you said, with features, it may be complicated.

But have you tried to use some techniques to reduce the number of dimensions like PCA? Or you could just do some pre-processing to remove some attributes and perform some tests to see the results. If you have a target attribute X and you want to know which attributes A1, A2… Am is more important with respect to X, then what about just calculating the Pearson colleration between each attribute and X?

If you want to know if two attributes are corelated, calculating the correlation or covariance are very good ways to get an answer.

You can write a short program that make a loop over all your attributes and calculate the correlation of each of them to the target attribute. Then you just run it and you will see which attributes are more correlated to the target attribute. I want to do my research on Proactive risk management on banking delivery channels i. But data mining can be used on any kind of data. So there should not be any problem. Maybe classifications algorithms like neural networks, SVM etc.

Can you give me any suggestions? It looks like a good general topic since big data is popular and map reduce is a popular technology. But it is still a little bit too general maybe. What kind of algorithms? What do you want to improve? Maybe you could be more specific. If you want to improve clustering algorihtms, then you could say that in your topic. Or if you want to improve something else, then you could say it. Hi, I came across your blog while I was searching for articles to refine my area of research which is data mining.

The post is very helpful. Since data mining is sort of a new area for me and I am reading on data mining in Manufacturing and Operations Management. My aim is to optimize the production process to keep one of the the raw material fuel cost at minimum.

I have collected 10 years of daily records and I would be pleased if you could suggest on how I can approach this from your expertise. I am not familiar with this kind of problem. It seems like an optimization problem. Thanks Philippe your blog is very helpful. I am apply for PHD and I dont have a supervisor yet. So far I have been familiarizing myself with several data mining algorithms but because of time can you guide me somehow on data mining techniques whose improvement can be good for big data analysis.

Thanks for your comment on the blog. I cannot recommend much about that because data mining is very broad. With respect to big data, you could improve any kind of algorithms: In other words, most topics in data mining can be combined with big data. So you should choose something that you like.

I would just recommend to continue reading and try to focus on a topic that you like. Hi sir, I came across your blog while I was searching for articles on data mining. This is really a kind contribution.. I have planned to do work on Educational data mining, i will get students data including social and economic attributes and then find their effects on grades, finally suggest some ways of improving grades.

I want to know is this enough for an MS thesis or some thing more should be done???? I have also seen some other researchers done same work but mine data set and attributes will be different.

Please give me some kind suggestion.. Hi,I am searching about topic for thesis of phd on the other hand, I love datamining with. It takes time to find a topic. I cannot do it for you. You can read the blog post on top of this page that explain how to do it. I hope to do my final year research in data mining. I think to do identify hidden purchase pattern of hotels customers through the data mining. Hi Sir please tell me what is the missing on text mining topics related to Arabic language.

I have read about Ontology and summarization topics but until now the idea or the topic title is now clear for me. So, kindly please guide me on my research topic with respect of Arabic language text mining and NLP techniques. Your Blog is very good for young researcher. I am working on frequent pattern mining. Can you suggest from where I got quality work related to this topic. I would recommend to look at the papers published in top conferences: You may find many papers on Google Scholar.

I would say try to look at what the people have been doing recently to find something that you can do. Sir i want prepare one journal on data mining..

I have to prepare one research paper. I had gone through some research papers related to data mining in health domain.

Sir I was wondering if you could possibly suggest one topic on data mining in health domain. Moreover, as said in the blog post, finding a good topic takes time. Thank you sir for your replies. Please continue the same in future also. I am doing ph. I want to do on medical data. My area has ben changed now as my Guide is changed. I have only one month to prepare the synopsis… Should I go in Content web mining or usage web mining. Which one is easier to work with?

I want to take social networking sites for this. Will it be fine? Web mining is a popular topic, so it should be fine. But to do data mining you need to get some data. For social networks, there a website call SNAP that gives some datasets. No, I cannot suggest any topic. It takes time to find a good research topic. You may follow the step in the blog post. You need to read the papers on topic to know if someone has already done that or not and to know if you like the topic or not.

I did not read much on this topic so I cannot tell you. But if you like subgraph mining, then, you can find some problems in this area. To find papers, just search on Google or Google Scholar and read it. For a MS thesis, the requirements depends on the university. Some university may have lower or higher requirements. The topic looks interesting but you may discuss with your supervisor to know if it is enough.

If someone has done it before it is not so original but if you can show something new in it, it would be better. Was searching for topic for my thesis on Data Mining and came across this site. I have been able to get transnational data of ATM of a bank which I got with recommendation from my college for the sole thesis purpose only.

Now I want your suggestion whether I should stick to only One Algorithm and find the solution Or Should I analyze various Prediction Algorithms and find the best one among them? As being an Average Joe, I have to research and get into with numerous algorithms and techniques for comparative analysis of algorithms and afraid i miss my thesis deadline as well.

Lastly, if anything else can be done with this transaction data apart from vault cash prediction, please suggest me so that I can think other aspects as well for my thesis. I would suggest to first start with an algorithm to get a first solution. Then, after that you can see if you can improve the work by using different algorithms. But before starting with a first algorithm you still need to read a little bit to choose that algorithm well. You could for example, try to find the optimal moment for refilling the ATM with more cash.

Should we fill it everyday in the morning? I think that you may find other variations of this problem. Hello sir…Thank you for this blog post.

I am new in data mining and and i find this field very interesting and want to do my thesis in this but unfortunately i am not getting any support from anywhere. I have learnt about all algorithms in theory and now i am planning to work on missing value imputation but i am not sure about is it a good field to proceed.

I am not getting help from anywhere. Any of your suggestion would be of great help to me. Otherwise, it may be an older topic. But there are certainly some challenges to solve. The topic is important but how hard you work is also important to do good research. I wish to my part time time ph.

Hello Sir , i need your help I am doing master of computer Engineering i want list of topic in data mining for dissertation. Please help me as soon as possible. Yes, data mining is popular and it is good to work in a popular field. It means that you may eventually find a job in this field and that more people may read your research.

It is much better to work on something popular than on something that is not. But if you really want some topics, I can give you some random topics: Sir,,, i m in last year so i want to project on data mining so plz suggesst me sutaible topic in this area. I want to do Phd. I cleared written exam for Phd and my interview schedule on 14th of July. In Interview,I have to represent my broad area of research interest.

After go through lots of Research Papers, I decide my broad area of research interest is Mining Web Log Files to improve the performance of website. Sir I want to use existing technique and make some modification in it and obtain better results.

But Sir, I am really confuse in how to justify my research methodology in interview. Congratulations for your interview. I think you need to read a few paper on weblog mining to find what are the main techniques. It is better if you can talk about a few techniques even if you just know the basic idea.

For example, one technique that may be used is sequential pattern mining discovering sequences frequently appearing in a set of sequences. It could be used to find what occurs often in the weblog to understand the behavior. Another technique is clustering if you want to find similar web users. There are many techniques that could be applied on weblog data. Actually choosing a technique depends on WHAT you want to do what is your goal.

Do you want to find patterns? Do you want to cluster the users? Do you want to predict what people will click on next? I think that you need to define more clearly what is your goal. It may be more important than talking about the techniques.

Hello to everyone , sir I want to do mtech thesis in data mining. Sir, now i am final year MCA.. But i cant no idea about that.. But,still i have learned data mining i like to doing in my project also data mining technique in Clustering also..

So,If i want to one Topic for my project.. You can choose any recent paper published about clustering in a good conference and journal and improve their work. Hello sir , I read all your suggestions about research topics i am an m. Moreover, it takes times to find a topic. I cannot suggest topics. I really appreciated your suggestion, you are guiding all of the needy people you did a great work sir. I also need your help in my research i will be very thankful.

I have some topic in my mind but want to discuss for proceeding further. Thank you so much for replying sir i just want suggestion about any open source tool of clustering which can perform grid clustering also, if you can help only any tool name i will work on it myself. But in my SPMF library, there are a few clustering algorithms: Is there any other option in clustering for my research.

There is a lot of thing that one can do in clustering: As I said in the blog post, to find a good topic, one need to read several papers, and then you may get some ideas about what other people have been doing recently. Thank u for your tips to start our Phd. Sir can suggest some topics related to data mining in biological data. Hello sir, I am studying M. Sir I want to start my thesis.. Look at recent papers published in top data mining conferences and papers published in top data mining journals.

Now I wish to do a Phd in large data analysis for which I am having the required data. I am not having a correct idea regarding the way I have to proceed. Can you guide me in this regard. Yes, it is a good area. Too many topics is good, it means that you can choose.

You just need one topic. Hi, It certainly helps. But it is not a requirement. You can choose a topic that is more algorithmic oriented for example and where there is less math and statistics. Hey Philippe, i wanted to know whether it is possible to combine classification and regression as hybrid model if i want to have to enhance classification prediction or regression models ,could you please suggest me some knowledge needed and tools.

Hey Philippe, i wanted to know whether it is possible to combine classification and regression as hybrid model if i want to enhance classification or regression prediction models ,could you please suggest me some knowledge needed and tools. Hi, It is certainly possible. Actually, regression can be used to performed classification.

For example, you may want to guess what is the salary of some employee and you have the salary of other employees from the same area. You may do some regression to get that information, and it could be seen as classification. This is just a simple example, but there are certainly more complex ways.

You would need to search a little bit and read recent papers to know more about what has been done recently. I wan to work on any real time scenario for research. This is very broad. You could do for example stream mining to detect security attacks by analyzing network traffic. I think that there are such datasets available about network trafic. Besides, I think that whatever the topic that you choose, something important is to find some datasets whether from some companies, make your own datasets or download some public datasets.

This topic has probably not been done. D work in Natural Disaster Management using spatial data mining. Could you please suggest your ideas on this. Maybe you should try to talk with some special about natural disaster.

If there is some at your university, you may try to contact them and perhaps that they can provide some data. Also, maybe look at some government websites. Some places like Japan or Taiwan have many earquakes. I think you should be able to get data from these governement websites about the location and time of each earthquakes if you search carefully for example.

Dear Sir Thanks a lot for your such helps. A lot of students are facing these types of problems and you are helping in a very effective way. We are grateful to you. Could you tell me which are the latest research areas of data mining?

In which conferences or journals I can find what people have been doing recently on data mining so that I can choose an area or topic on data mining for my PhD program? Hi You are welcome. You may look at the data mining conferences: There is a lot of possible topics. Some current trends are big data, social networks, etc.

But you can also choose something else. If you are doing a PhD in computer science, you will certainly need to do some programming and need to improve your programming skills if they are not so good.

Data mining in general requires to be good at programming especially if you want to design some algorithms, because you will want to make algorithms that are fast, since data mining algorithms are generally applied on large amount of data. If you are not good at programming, perhaps that you should choose a topic that invovle less programming such as research on e-learning, or you could still do data mining but more toward the applications of data mining rather than working on algorithms.

For example, you could work on applying data mining to biomedical data, biology, e-learning etc. If you are good at math, another option is to take more of a math approach and use software such as Mathlab, etc. Sir which language is used in data mining algorithm…can i learn this language at home?

Dear Sir I studied different papers from difference conferences and journals given by you. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Actually I have very limited knowledge on data mining but I am interested too much to do my research in this area. I am ready to study a lot. But I have to prepare a PhD proposal within very short time.

Could you please help me in proper direction for choosing a topic in this regard. Dear sir, I want to do some work for my phd in data mining especially sequential pattern mining on Big Data but i could not find any new specific problem in this area. Hello, there are a lot of possibilities. You can combine any two topics to obtain a new topic. For example, I did not see any algorithms for sequential rule mining in big data.

Designing a sequential rule mining algorithm running on big data framework such as Hadoop or Spark is a good topic. Besides, that there are many other possibilities. For example, you could combine: Also i have many years experience in fields of education. I am also good in Optimization techniques like Genetic algorithms. Please suggest me topic related to this. It takes time to find a good topic.

I do not want to go towards Semantic web mining … Please suggest….. Data mining can be applied in almost any domains: In my opinion, you should choose a domain 1 that you like, and 2 where you can easily collect data to be used by your data mining algorithms. Sir , I want to work on agricultural data. Hd Topic in data mining. Hi Sir , would you please suggest me a problem in high utility sequential pattern mining? You can combine high utility seq.

You may read other papers and try to combine two ideas to get a problem. You should read papers in recent conferences and journals and choose a topic that you like and try do to better or do something that other people did not do. Hello sir, I have bit knowledge in Data Mining techniques. If i apply DM techniqes and do some analysis on any real time problem, does it consider for PhD.

Please help me in this regard. The goal of a Ph. You may either work on more fundamental problems or working on some more applied problems. For example, one may design a new data mining algorithm a more fundamental problem , but one may also use existing data mining techniques do something new or better in some fields for example, use existing algorithms in a new way to identify the authors of texts, or to discover communities in social networks.

What is important is that a PhD need bring something novel. So if you work on an applied problem, you still need to bring some novelty but at the application level.

Personally, I prefer topics at a fundamental level design of algorithms but there many people who work on a more applied level for example, you may check any conference on e-learning, there is a lot of applied research. Hi how are you? I cannot find a topic for you. You may ask help from your supervisor. He should be able to help you. Otherwise, you may look at recen data mining conferences to look for some topics.

It can mean basically anything in data mining. Before doing any research project, one should read enough papers about the topic to know what already exist, and make sure that the problem has not been solved.

If you want to become a researcher, this is something that you need to learn to do. Even if it takes a lot of time, you still need to do it, and it is important that you do it. Ok, so you want to find patterns or relationships in big data… But that is still not a topic because it is too general. Finding patterns in big data could mean almost any data mining algorithms applied to big data. So you still did not define a topic.

To define a topic, you would need to 1 define what kind of patterns you want to find: Clusters, outliers, frequent patterns, subgraphs, communities, etc. So I cannot say whether it is a good topic because your topic is still too general. Finding a good topic takes time. But as I said before, I cannot do the litterature review for you. You need to do it by yourself and evaluate by yourself if it is a good topic.

Please suggest me application of confabulation association rule mining for multidimensional association rule generation. You may ask the authors of that paper. Good that you know more about how to look for a topic. But I cannot help further than that. I am very busy and I need to take care of my own research. I am very interested to pursue research in Data Mining in Healthcare Science Applications, Please suggest me some recent popular topics where I can explore to start my research. Hello Sir, I am a computer science student, entering into research for the first time.

I have been searching for topics in data mining. I wanted to ask what are the topics related to stocks that I can research on or write a thesis on. There is a lot of research going in this field. I m really confused on which direction to go- something less explored and with a lot of scope of research.

It will be great if you could suggest an approach on this topic. But some typical problems that have previously seen are to predict the stock market, detect fraud on the stock market, find correlations or patterns indicating that some stocks are related and behave the same way on the stock market….

I think you could find more ideas by searching a little bit on Google Scholar. Do you know anybody who is currently working on this topic who i can ask questions from? I wish to get more insight on this. But if you find some papers about stock markets on Google Scholar, you can always send e-mail to the authors to ask them questions or ask for their dataset. Sometimes they will give you some advice or maybe even their datasets.

Iam interested in Social Newtwork Mining. How and where can we apply datamining algorithms clustering, classification algorithms, etc. And also how can we apply Neural Networks on datamining applications. Hi, Wish you good luck for you Ph. This is some very broad questions. For applications of data mining on social networks, you could have a look at the papers published at the ASONAM conference international conference on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining which is about data mining and social networks.

You will see that there are many topics. It would be too long to list all of them here. You could also check journals related to that topic and papers on Google Scholar.

Neural networks also have hundreds of applications. Basically, you could see neural networks as a data mining technique. So the applications of neural networks in data mining, would be all the applications of neural networks, and there are a lot.

Scikit is just a tool that you may use in your research. It can be helpful. But you should perhaps find a topic first instead of looking at scikit to find a topic.

That is my opinion. I decided to do in medical field. Is it correct decision? I am just confused sir. Please suggest me some of the field which are in current trend. I work in the field of data mining. The medical field is a possible application of data mining.

If you can get some real medical data and know some people in the medical field that can guide you in your project, then why not choosing that field. I guess it could be ok. But even if you choose a field, you still need to find a specific topic.

I suggest to read papers in recent conferences and journals related to your interest to see what people are working on. Data mining is my domain sir, in that i decided to do healthcare or big data application.

Please tell me which is sufficient to collect data. Also please suggest me some of the other application which are more effective. You need to read some recent papers and see what other researchers are doing to find a good topic. It can take actually quite a lot of time to find a good topic. But you can always ask your supervisor to help you about that. I am planning to do datamining in the feild of nano technology.

I understand what you mean. At first, it may seems that a technique has no limitations. But there is always some. What you could do is to choose a technique from the literature, try it, and after you tried it, you will certainly think about some way to improve it.

For example, if you try some classification technique to classify malwares, then what about considering also the time dimension? There is generally always some way to extend a technique for example by considering more information such as time etc.

Besides, another possibility is to combine characteristics from different approaches that you like. By reading a few papers, you may try to see the different approach for classifying malwares and then try to combine the best characteristics of all these approaches.

This is just some ideas. Thanks for your quick reply. But I have questions about combining a characteristic from different approaches like you said. I had confused with the meaning of characteristic? I mean, it could be different characteristics of the data mining approach. For example, maybe there is an algorithm A for classification, and another algorithm B for classification that consider time, and another algorithm C for classification that let you add constraints when doing the classification.

This is just some general ideas. In general, the more information you consider such as time, the more complicate the problem become, and then you need to extend the original algorithms to consider this additional information.

I just tell you this as some general idea. You could see how that could apply to your problem by reading some papers and comparing the different data mining approaches to then try to take the best of each approach if possible. Or try to add something new that other people did not do. Thank you so much for replying. Your website is awesome. Dear sir, presently i am teaching the pg and ug students for the c omputer science , and i had choosen to work for my PH. This is an request kindly suggest the topics which is convenient in teaching and working both related to my ph.

Finding a topic takes time, so I will not do that for you. You can read the blog post at the top of this page which explains how to search for a topic. I like your collection, thanks for sharing this wonderful collection of themes with us. Please Suggest me any changes required to this Title and what type of Back Ground work is required to start.

I want to do Ph. D on data mining. Could you please suggest me where I can get more information and where I can get the recent works on opinion mining? Hi, I would recommend to use Google Scholar to search for papers. There is a features that let you search by year. You can search for papers from for example using Google Scholar.

Otherwise, you may also check the journals and conference on data mining or similar research areas. But, Google Scholar is a very good place for searching for articles. But a typical topic for bank data is to evaluate the credit record of customer to detect whether they will pay back their debt or not for example.

There exists some papers on that already. You may find using Google Scholar. Sir, I have Qualified in Ph. I want to do Mtech Research in data mining. SIR what are the current problems in identification of user in social networks, which problems should i target? I want to get example title for my thesis in computer science. I am interested in data mining.

If you want some example of titles, you may look at Google Scholar. There are a lot of examples. Or you may look at data mining journals and conferences.

Which method I can used for passport data analysis? Please guided me the latest or pooular method for that. I never worked on passport analysis. It depends what you want to do. Analyzing a passport to do what?

If you want to analyze the picture, then you could use some image processing techniques. But it really depends what you want todo. The best would be that you search what other people have been doing on this topic recently in Google Scholar for example. I want to discover the travel pattern from passport data analysis.

So which method I can used sir? Many methods could be applied: This is just some basic idea. Those area some of the most popular areas in data mining. Depending on how your data looks like etc, you may choose different techniques. Please, guidence for the new method update method for this. My reference paper used like k-means, apriori algorithm but this methods are olds. So my supervisor told me to used new method.

I want to apply the update method for this topics. To apply some new method, you first need to know what the researchers have already done before you. So as I said previously, what you need to do is to read some research papers about discovering travel patterns. Then, you can understand what other people have done and do something new or something different. There is no way to avoid that step. I wrote the blog post on this page to explain how to search for a topic. You may read it and start searching for a topic!

HI I am a student at a major software and I want my dissertation in the field of data mining. In what context do better in your opinion? I thank you for your tips. It depends what you like. Data a mining is a broad field. It is better to choose something that you like. Can you suggest any? I did not read about that topic, so I cannot give very specific advice related to that topic.

But I think that many papers may perhaps have been published already on this topic. Sometimes, it is easier to do research on a topic that is a little bit different or where you will add something new to the problem definition, rather than work on a well established topic that has been studied for many years, perhaps.

For example, what about predicting the student performance using some type of data that other researcher did not consider? That could be a limitation. For example, if other researchers only considered the performance of previous years to predict the next year, but ignored data about the gender, location, nationality, etc. I just say that as an example I did not read on this topic.

Another kind of limitation could be in terms of the techniques that previous researchers have used. For example, you could try to apply some novel techniques not used by previous researchers to solve the same problem and hopefully get some better results. Besides that, you could try to predict the performance in specific contexts that have not been studied. For example, there are different context for learning such as lectures, one-on-one learning, e-learning, self-learning, etc.

If you find that your topic has not been studied in a specific context, then you may apply it to that new context. Would be glad if you can shed more light on that sir. For a research project, you need to do something novel something new. So you need to find a way to make sure that your project has some novelty. As I said it could be: For the data, OK, I will give you some more details.

Maybe that many researchers have published papers on predicting student performances. But what kind of data have they used? Did they only use the grades of students from previous years? Did they also consider the student profile age, gender? Did they ask the students to fill some questionnaires about their personality to predict their performance?

Actually, what I want to say is that many kind of data could be used to predict the performance of a student. Above, I have mentioned 3 types of data.

You could check what kind of data the researchers have used in previous work and think if there is something that they did not use. What about using mobile phones? In any case, in a data mining project, you will need to think about the data. Either you can use some data from some websites such as PSLC datashop https: If you collect your own data, it takes more time but you can collect whatever you want or need.

If you use the data of someone else, then you save time. Will get back to you sir. Do enjoy your day sir. Hello, I think it depends on what are the expectation of your university for this project that you need to do. This kind of project would not be very original if you just use the same method as someone else on different data. It this is the project of a master thesis in computer science, then for me, it would be a weak project. The contribution would not be in computer science since you would not create anything new in computer science but the contribution would only be about that data.

Programming something that is already known is not a computer science research project. It is a programming project. But if your university is OK with this kind of project then it could be OK. But if it was at my university in Canada or China, I would not accept this kind of project. So you may want to ask the professors at your university about what are the expectations for the project at your university.

Maybe that it could be ok. Actually, it would be best if you could reimplement but also improve the method with some additional features to address some limitations of that method, if you can. Then this would be more like a research project That would make a better project, and it would look more original.

If you can think about some limitations of that method, and try to find solutions to improve it and not just apply it on new data , it would be more interesting. Hello, As I said on the blog post, those are just some examples. I did not give these examples to say that they are good topics. My point was that you should just topics that you like instead of some random topics such as those.

Actually, I just wrote this without even checking if they are good topics or what has been done. It was just an example. If you are interested by pattern mining, you could check sequential rule mining.

There are many possibilities related to that for doing project. Moreover, source code of some algorithms and datasets are available in my SPMF library: Indeed you cannot do a big research project in 1. You may ask your supervisor to help you.

I can only give some general comments about how to find a topic. This paper is not a good paper. It is published in some unknown journal. So I just want to say that it is not a good example of good research.

You can confirm this with the professors that will evaluate you. If they are ok with a simple project like that, then it is fine. I think it really depends on what are the expectation of your school. These research topics are fine. But if you want to do good research, you need to read what people have done on these topics, and then find something that you can improve.

Community detection is an important research topic. There have been many papers on this topic in recent year. For a research project, you need to find something that you can improve. You could start by reading the recent papers on this topic to get some idea and try to get some new ideas.

Hello sir Where I can get a referece paper, documentation and code for Artificial bee colony optimization? A doctoral dissertation In my view, a doctoral dissertation is a long-term piece of research that demonstrates competency in conducting independent, in-depth scholarly investigations where the domain knowledge is broad, and where the research contribution is original and quite clear.

I believe you can make theoretical and empirical contributions, and PhD dissertations often have both, but they need at least one of these.

One reason why the 3 papers model for a PhD thesis is so popular is because it allows the student to demonstrate competency, depth and originality in a broad range of topics. For me, doing a PhD is about showing an ability to conduct competently executed, adequately deep and broad research with a contribution.

In my view, two elements are fundamental to the development of a doctoral dissertation: As a doctoral researcher, you should be able to conduct your research independently, even if the advisor is there to guide you. You should also have covered the literature broadly and deeply enough. The SOCK test specific, original contribution to knowledge is a good one that should be applied to doctoral theses all around.

Our chair always pushed for a SOCK specific, original contribution to knowledge. For example, for me, a Masters-level thesis is an empirical examination of patterns of bottled water consumption. I get Masters' students wanting to do PhD-level research with fewer funds and shorter time frames.

You can't do that. Thus the importance of narrowing the research topic. Alignment of expectations, pedagogy is key. Prieto indicates in her response to my tweet, an in-depth case study or an application of a theory to a different dataset could be an original contribution.

Master's theses should make an original scholarly contribution too. Just within a narrower scope, as you say. A good, narrow thesis topic is often a case study, w rich context. Again original but publishers tend to want wider scope. Masters student this year… I want to examine why stock prices are volatile. It IS important that the topic of the Masters thesis is narrow in scope, but competently executed. I teach in the undergraduate program in public policy at CIDE.

For me, an undergraduate thesis can be a systematic literature review, an application of a research technique to an interesting topic, a test of a theory or an empirically-inclined paper using data that are often not available. There are various reasons why undergraduate students or even graduate ones want to do very broad topics, resulting in thesis that are not narrow enough.

My experience has been that the bigger hurdle is emotional — "narrowing" feels like giving up on ideas that are important. But as discussed above, you can do a perfectly competent undergraduate honours thesis just by doing a systematic policy analysis, a solid literature review, an interesting exploration of a known quantitative or qualitative research technique, an empirical or descriptive case study, etc.

A seminar research paper Seminar research papers tend to also be overly ambitious, as Dr. Could add the layer of seminar paper, too. You can't write a thesis as a seminar paper! I find resistance to "narrowing" as if it is bad.

What I have done in my seminar courses is create a blueprint, a template for students to do their final papers. That way, I define the scope of the project in very narrow terms, I give them the tools they need to apply and I let them do the empirical testing or the archival or secondary source searches though some students of mine even collect primary data!

How to Write a Thesis Statement

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The thesis statement is that sentence or two in your text that contains the focus of your essay and tells your reader what the essay is going to be about. Although it is certainly possible to write a good essay without a thesis statement (many narrative essays, for example, contain only an implied thesis statement), the lack of a thesis statement .

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The Difference between Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences Writing a thesis statement: The thesis statement tells the reader what the rest of the paper is about.

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How to Generate a Thesis Statement if the Topic is Assigned. Almost all assignments, no matter how complicated, can be reduced to a single question. Thesis or Dissertation. S. Joseph Levine, Ph.D. Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan USA ([email protected])) Become a Fan. Introduction. This guide has been created to assist my graduate students in thinking through the many aspects of crafting, implementing and defending a thesis or dissertation.

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What this handout is about. This handout describes what a thesis statement is, how thesis statements work in your writing, and how you can craft or refine one for your draft. About Martin Luther: Martin Luther was born on November 10, and was the son of Hans and Margarethe was married to Katharina von Bora, and had six kids namely Hans, Elizabeth, Magdalena, Martin, Paul, Margarethe.